Long Text Kick: Variant 1 and 2

By sukhbira on Mar 10, 2013

The Excessively Long Text Kicker is also an easy script. Slow down traffic on your site with a long text kicker. Sometimes you just don't want users writing novels in your channel so this will kick/ban them so they know better.

there is 2 examples

ON @*:text:*:#: {
  IF ($nick !isop # && $len($1-) > 300) {
    ban # $nick 2
    kick # $nick Excess text!
ON @*:TEXT:*:#:{
  IF ($nick isop #) { RETURN }
  IF ($len($strip($1-)) >= 280) {
    ; Note that we $strip the text before we use $len, so it won't count any
    ; control codes like colour or bold etc...
    ban -u60 # $nick 11
    kick # $nick You talk too much! Keep it below 180 letters


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Abcdefmonkey   -  Mar 10, 2013

Why not strip the first one as well?

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