Eggdrop Auto Identify

By GrimReaper on Mar 07, 2013

When I started making eggdrop bots, I noticed that when there was a Services Split, When they came back the Eggdrop would continually change nicknames, So I decided to make an AutoIdentify script for it.

All that is needed is to create a new TCL file, I named mine AutoIdent.tcl

Then post this snippet into that file, Changing PASSWORD to your eggdrop bot's password and changing #CHANNEL to your desired channel.
Add a line in the config file for your eggdrop like

source scripts/AutoIdent.tcl

Then rehash/restart the eggdrop. It should then auto identify every time that Services split from a network.

NOTE: I am mainly on networks that use Anope Services. I will make it work for Atheme and eventually create an AutoGhost section as well.

bind notc - "*This nickname is registered and protected.*" autoident
bind notc - "*Password accepted - you are now recognized.*" compautoident
proc autoident {nick uhost hand text dest} {
  putserv "PRIVMSG NickServ :identify PASSWORD"
proc compautoident {nick uhost hand text dest} {
  putserv "PRIVMSG #CHANNEL :\002Identification\002 has been successful.."


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