HELP MSG in Channel for user and chanmodes with extended bans

By sukhbira on Feb 07, 2013

HELP MSG in Channel for user and chanmodes with extended bans
paste it in popups mode in channel section

my nick modes:/me /!mode Evil[A]
.A :/say A Admins only Channel
.C:/say  C No CTCPs allowed in the Channel
.G:/say  G Censor Bad Language
.M:/say  M Must be using a registered nick(+r), or have voice access to talk
.K:/say  K /KNOCK is not allowed
.N:/say  N No Nickname changes are permitted in the Channel
.O:/say  O IRC Operator only Channel (settable by IRCops)
.Q:/say  Q No Kicks Allowed
.R:/say  R Only registered(+r) users may join the Channel
.S:/say  S Strips mIRC color codes
.T:/say  T No NOTICEs allowed in the Channel
.V:/say  V /INVITE is not allowed
.f:/say  f Channel has flood modes applied
.i:/say  i A user must be invited to join the Channel
.k:/say  k <key> = Users must specify <key> to join
.l:/say  l <number of max users> = Channel may hold at most <number> of users
.p:/say  p Private Channel
.u:/say  u Auditorium mode (/names and /who only show Channel OPS)
.z:/say  z Only Clients on a Secure Connection (SSL) can join: 
.make op:/say ./msg chanserv op #channel (nick)
+Exception bans+
.what is exception:/say Ban exemption allow specific users in from domains that are banned from a channel.Invite exemption allow specific users to bypass +i.
.Ban exemption:/say ./mode #channel +e *!*@
.Invite exemption :/say ./mode #channel -I nick!ident@hostmask 
+Extended Bans+
.Quiet Ban:/say ./mode #channel +b m:*!*@Ip
.Nickchange ban :/say ./mode #channel +b N:nick!*@*
.Realname ban:/say ./mode #channel +b r:realname
.protect user:/say ./mode #channel +e nick!ident@hostmask <= use on innocent one
.join/part flood:/say  ./mode #channelname +b p:*!*@*
+Basic Bans+
.badnick ban:/say ./mode #channel +b nick!*@*
.ident ban:/say ./mode #channel +b *!ident@*
.ip ban:/say ./mode #channel +b *!*@ip
.Full hostmask +b:/say ./mode #channel +b nick!ident@ip
.x mode:/say Masks a users hostname.the server encrypts the real IP
.T :/say prevents you from receiving CTCPs
.B:/say Marks yourself as being a bot. This will be displayed when somebody whoises you.
.c:/say Other users need to share a channel with you before being able to PM/Query you.
.d:/say With this mode you will not see any channel messages or channel notices.
.i:/say You can not be seen in /who by non-IRC Opers
.I:/say Hides your channels when somebody whoisses you. (You can still see your own channels)
.R:/say Only users logged in to a verified NickServ account can Query (PM) you.
.S:/say Strips control codes (color, bold, etc.) from incoming private messages (PM's).
.w:/say Allows you to receive WALLOPS.
.x:/say Enables cloaking of your hostname.
.wildcards are:/say The (?) replaces one character and(*) replaces a string of characters.
.nickban 2 nick33,nick44:/say ./mode #channel +b Maik???!*@*
.Nickban on __nick:/say ./mode #channel +b *Maik!*@*
.Read:/say ./msg memoserv read new
Send:/say ./msg memoserv send user (message)


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