Simple Reverser v1.0

By sagargulati on Feb 02, 2013

It's been so long i have been away busy with my work. I will now keep on updating scripts side by side whenever i get time.
I have found some good stuff around with mIRC so as a new fresh start here am i posting a simple script/snippet for you.
Simple and easy script. Enjoy! :)

Syntax : /reverse <letter/word/sentence>
/merev <letter/word/sentence> (Perform for /me command)

Do not play with the code till the time you don't know what to do.

Installation :
Just put this in your remote and it will work.

; By Sagar/IlLuSiOn
; Simple Reverse v1.0
; #FreakServ

alias rev { 
  var %len = $len($1-) 
  var %return = $null 
  while (%len > 0) { 
    var %return = %return $+ $mid($1-,%len,1) $+ $chr(32) 
    dec %len 
  return %return 
alias reverse //say $rev( $1- ) 
alias merev //me $rev( $1- ) 


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