Dare script for eggdrop

By yofun on Jan 27, 2013

simply use !dare in any channel and the bot will give you a dare

#dare script made by YoFun
set rdare { 
"lick the floor"
"lick the wall"
"confess who he/she likes"
"Act like a pig for 65 seconds. Don't forget to get on all fours!"
"Eat a spoon of mustard."
"Call your mom using *67 and shout I ORDERED ONE HOUR AGO! WHERE ARE MY TACOS?!$
"sit on a a random person's lap of your choice"
"Say hippity hop after anything you or anyone says for the next 2 minutes"
"Run down the street in your pj's"
"Show everything that is in your purse."
"Text everyone you know and say I rock!"
bind pubm - "*!dare" dare
proc dare {nick uhost handle chan args} { 
global rdare
putserv "PRIVMSG $chan :I dare $nick to [lindex $rdare [rand [llength $rdare]]]"


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TheWhistler   -  Aug 03, 2015

its not starting up

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