Clipboard Logger & Preserver

By Paradox-Paradigm on Jan 23, 2013

Writes clipboard content to Clipboard.txt when the clipboard content is changed

Writes clipboard content to Exit.txt when the script is closed
Writes Exit.txt content to clipboard when the script starts

  • Used to preserve clipboard content across system shutdown/restart/logoff

Converts files to full file path
Ignores binary data

#SingleInstance Force
FileRead, C, Exit.txt
Clipboard := C
OnExit, Exit
If (Clipboard)
    FileAppend, %Clipboard%`r`n`r`n---`r`n`r`n, Clipboard.txt, UTF-8
If (Clipboard)
    FileDelete, Exit.txt
    FileAppend, %Clipboard%, Exit.txt, UTF-8


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Hawkee   -  Jan 24, 2013

That's pretty neat.

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