did a /whois on you

By surfa on Apr 30, 2005

ok this is pretty simple, and perhaps not too useful. Basically it sends a
/notice to who did a whois on you ( you must be logged as ircop and dunno if this feature works in others ircs, i only tested it on unrealircd. )
Feel free to customize whatever you need, but dun remove the credits :D ty

;;;;;Did a /whois on you by surfa irc.omegairc.org #Galaxy;;;;;;;
on *:snotice:*did a /whois on you*: { notice $2 14,1(11I can see you are doing /whois $me ;) $+ 14) }


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surfa   -  May 29, 2005

I was thinking of adding a var to count how many times you got /whois-ed heh
and send the notice with it.
like \"you\'re the 93022 chatter who did a /whois on me, keep on and win a helluva tv set\" lol :P

xDaeMoN   -  May 04, 2005

Yes, you have to be an IRCop.

SiLuMaNiaX   -  May 04, 2005

i\'m a newbie in this IRC thing, just wanna know, where to put this snippet? i tried to write it in my remote but still nothing happen.. do i have to be an IRCOP to makes this snippet working?? plz answer..

surfa   -  Apr 30, 2005

yeh, i just didnt want to complicate it, again it can be pretty useless but i added it just for fun, sum folks asked me for this script many times and i thought it\'d be good to upload it heh :) ty for your comments guys

Yoinx   -  Apr 30, 2005

actually, your oline has to have the proper flag in order to be able to set it. However the script does do what it says it does.

DarthReven   -  Apr 30, 2005

I think on most Unreal servers that +W is only setable by IRCops i might be wrong

Relinsquish   -  Apr 30, 2005

It works only if you have the user mode +W, not necessarily being an IRC operator.

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