Keepban mIRC Script

By dronez4 on Jan 06, 2013

Syntax: !keepban

Simple script to put in a bot
a full op can remove it with !removeban
or they can remove it manually
with a simple /mode # -b

Thank you for having a look at this script :)
;made by dronez4
;Need any help Just pm me and I'll adjust it to your likings, Do not remove this message.

on @*:text:*:#:{
  if ($1 == !keepban) {
    if ($nick isop $chan) {
      if (@ isin $2) {
      writeini banning.ini bans $2 banned | msg $chan Ok, keeping $2 banned, nobody can remove it untill a full operator type !removeban <address> | mode $chan +b $2 }
  if ($1 == !removeban) { 
    if ($readini(banning.ini, bans, $2)) { remini banning.ini bans $2 | msg $chan removing the ban ( $+ $2 $+ ) | mode $chan -b $2 }
    else { msg $chan Sorry but $2 is not in banning.ini }
on @*:unban:#:{
  if ($readini(banning.ini, bans, $banmask)) {
    if ($nick isop $chan) { mode $chan -b $banmask | notice $nick This Ban was addressed by a full operator and is on the keepban list, if i were u i would !keepban <address> untill he unbans it. | remini banning.ini bans $banmask }
    else { msg $chan NO, HE IS IN THE KEEPBAN LIST!, if u are a full operator type !removeban <address> | mode $chan +b $banmask }


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blackvenomm666   -  Jan 06, 2013

simply done and clean. good first post keep up the good work

dronez4  -  Jan 09, 2013

Thank you :) i'll be posting more Scripts, ive got atleast 30+ mIRC scripts ive made just laying around :P

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