My Rainbow Colors

By sukhbira on Dec 17, 2012

Color Rainbow writing Style

menu * {
  $iif(%rainbows == on,[[Turn Rainbows Off]],^^Turn Rainbows on^^) : $iif(%rainbows == on,unset %rainbows,set %rainbows on)
on *:input:*: {
  if ($left($1-,1) != / && %rainbows == on) {
    set -l %count 1
    while (%count <= $len($1-)) {
      set -l %rainbow %rainbow $+  $+ $gettok(,$r(1,6),46) $+ ,00 $+ $iif($mid($1-,%count,1) != $chr(32),$mid($1-,%count,1),$chr(32) $+ $chr(32))
      inc %count
    msg $active %rainbow


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Abcdefmonkey   -  Dec 19, 2012

2 colors? I have a snippet that I posted a while back that does this with all the colors. Uses

Menu channel,status,nicklist

Has on/off options and does reversed text, as well as, reversed rainbow text. Can be removed as desired. [Link:]

The snippet looks nice from just a glance over it. Just needs more colors to be a rainbow :P

WorldDMT   -  Dec 19, 2012

rainbow isnt just 2 colors it's 7 but as u like i dont know :)
use menu * is not a good idea u may have a picwin game and this will be appear into menu!! so, better to use menu status,channel,query,nicklist,menubar
you can use $regsubex, u dont have to repeat "Turn Raindows on/off", and variable can be 1 or 0 to return true or false so your code can be like this

menu status,channel,query,nicklist,menubar {
  Turn Rainbows $iif(%rainbows,On,Off) : set %rainbows $iif(%rainbows,0,1)
on *:input:*:{
  if ($left($1-,1) != / && %rainbows) {
     msg $active $regsubex($1-,/([^\s])/g,$+($chr(3),$gettok(4 12,$r(1,2),32),\t))
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