Java CookieUtils - Read cookie

By berend on Dec 14, 2012

Java code to read cookies, part of my WebAdmin project at BMT ARGOSS.

The cookies are set in the frontend of this web tool using javascript, the cookie includes which Database an user works on. (0/1/2)
This is the piece of Java code to read it.


import javax.servlet.http.Cookie;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;

public class CookieUtils {

    public static int getServerId(HttpServletRequest hreq) {
        int result = -1;

         * Get cookie which includes the database id. 
        Cookie[] cookies = hreq.getCookies();
        if (cookies != null) {
          for (Cookie ck : cookies) {
            if ("database".equals(ck.getName())) {
                result = Integer.parseInt(ck.getValue());

        return result;



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berend   -  Dec 14, 2012

yep, I'll post some more soon as long the company agrees

Hawkee   -  Dec 14, 2012

Always great to see more Java code on the site.

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