Javascript Objects built atop other Object Constructors

By SReject on Nov 12, 2012

After looking through coffeescript's code base, I found a method to build objects from other objects. With a bit of tinkering with the methodology of it, I finally got something that not only works as intented but it QUITE transparent in use.

The snipped below sort of mimics more OOP languages' Class Extension/inheritance methodology but for JAVASCRIPT!!!!!!ONE!!!

To Use:
It's as simple as a function call within the extending object's constructor. this functional call should be the issued BEFORE you start creating methods/functions using things such as 'this.a = "value":

this.extendsUpon(baseObjectConstructor, arg0, arg1, ..., argN)
    BaseObjectConstructer: the object inwhich the current constructor should inherit members from
    args: the specified args will be passed to the baseObject's Constructor

An example of it's use:

// Base Object Constructor
function Fruit(name) {
    this.fruitname = name;
Fruit.prototype.yum = function() {
    return "I had an " + this.fruitname;

// Object constructor that derives from the Base Object
function Favorite() {

    // Derive this object from a specified base object:
    //     @arg0  -> Object Constructor to use as base
    //     @arg1+ -> arguments passed to the BaseObject's constructor
    this.extendsUpon(Fruit, "apple");

    // From here proceed as usual

    /* To access members from the base object that have been over-written,
    * use "this.__base__.MEMBER.apply(this, arguments)" */

Favorite.prototype.yum = function() {
    return this.__base__.yum.apply(this) + " and it was my favorite";
var mmm = new Favorite();

// Outputs: "I had an apple and it was my favorite"

Edited to cleanup code

Object.prototype.extendsUpon = (function (_prop, _args) {
    return function (base) {
        for (var key in base) {
            if (, key)) {
                this[key] = base[key];

        function con(child){
            this.constructor = child;
        con.prototype = base.prototype;

        this.prototype = new con(this);
        this.__base__ = base.prototype;

        var args =;
        base.constructor.apply(this, args);
}(Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty, Array.prototype.slice));


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sean   -  Nov 15, 2012

@Hawkee Agreed. Many languages are built on top of others :)

Hawkee   -  Nov 15, 2012

Right, but it is a language that is "compiled". I think its better to call it a language than a framework.

SReject   -  Nov 15, 2012

CoffeeScript isn't a new language. New syntax, but when 'compiled' it's source is transcoded into javascript

Hawkee   -  Nov 15, 2012

Would certainly get more attention posting CoffeeScript. People like seeing code for new languages.

SReject   -  Nov 15, 2012

Won't get any from me. Im an old fashion JS programmer

Hawkee   -  Nov 15, 2012

Now let's see some CoffeeScript. I added it to the site as a supported language.

SReject   -  Nov 13, 2012

Fixed a few typos in the code.

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