Compiling SphinxSE against mySQL 5.5

By Hawkee on Nov 01, 2012

These are the steps necessary to compile the SphinxSE plugin for mySQL 5.5. This varies slightly from the 5.1 method because you don't use the ./configure command.

Before you had to run mysqlbug to get the complete ./configure command in order to match SphinxSE to your installed mySQL package. Now you can use cmake instead.

First decompress both mySQL and Sphinx into separate directories then cd into your mySQL source directory. From there copy the SphinxSE source:

cp -R ../sphinx-x.x.x/mysqlse storage/sphinx

Still in the mySQL source directory run this command:


Now instead of running ./configure you can run this:

  • You may need to change the DATADIR and INSTALL_PREFIX, but these are for a default RPM installation.

From there you can go ahead and do your make


Now if everything compiled correctly you can copy the to your plugin directory. If you don't know where your mySQL plugin directory is you can connect to mySQL and issue this query:

show variables where Variable_name like "%plugin%";


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Hawkee   -  Nov 03, 2012

Right and that's exactly what I plan to change. I'm working on a new snippet editor.

sean   -  Nov 03, 2012


It almost feels a bit awkward posting tutorials like this with the continuous code tag usage. You're also not able to put text after the snippet area :P

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