Call Bot

By Clouds on Oct 18, 2012

Designed to use Skype to call the specified number when the command is executed from mIRC.

The only problem I am facing is, I want it to automatically disconnect when the call is answered to reduce cost.

Snippet Deleted.


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EMC   -  Dec 12, 2012

Disregard my previous comment. The snippet works fine after pointing to the right .exe

uneek   -  Dec 12, 2012

Can I use this bot to send an sms instead of call? Do you know how to edit the code for that?

EMC   -  Nov 01, 2012

Works but my calls only last for 4 seconds before Skype disconnects them. What's going on?

uneek   -  Oct 21, 2012

Ah, timer422 1 13 /endcall | comclose oSkype }, sorry didnt see it.

Clouds   -  Oct 20, 2012

I already have that. So is there no way to automatically end the call when the recipient answers?

uneek   -  Oct 20, 2012

Yea and to disconnect after 10 secs or so, to stop abuse when you are not around. maybe a timer and then use the command to endcall would work?

uneek   -  Oct 20, 2012

Works perfectly for me. Can I get it to open a sound recording and play it, so that the caller gets it? Just use StereoMix and open a .mp3 file right? I think I can code that in myself.

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