random welkoms massage on join

By baloe12nl on Sep 11, 2012

I saw that someone had written a welcome message. therefore i put 1 downe that i use

by replacing " $chan " for " $nick " you make it a personal welcomes message

on *:JOIN:#: {   
 /set %join.rand $rand(1, 3)    
  if (%join.rand == 1) /msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat $nick      
  if (%join.rand == 2) /msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat chanal $nick $+ .     
  if (%join.rand == 3) /msg $chan welcome $nick, stick to the rules and I will not kick you ;)   


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blackvenomm666   -  Sep 24, 2012

@Mr.MaSTeR your if ($nick !=== $me isn't really needed when you can just do on !*:join:

Mr.MaSTeR   -  Sep 22, 2012

on *:JOIN:#: { if ($nick !=== $me) {
/set %join.rand $rand(1,3)
if (%join.rand == 1) /msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat $nick
if (%join.rand == 2) /msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat chanal $nick.
if (%join.rand == 3) /msg $chan welcome $nick, stick to the rules and I will not kick you ;)

baloe12nl   -  Sep 14, 2012

THX You all for the comments and help.

Jethro   -  Sep 13, 2012

Well, for a three-line randomization, this snippet doesn't require a text file to begin with. A

$gettok( ,$r(1,3) , 32 )

should get the job done right. :P


var %var = $r(1,3)
if (%var == 1) { do this }
elseif (%var == 2) { do that }
else { do another }

But then again, it's considered quit a bit of effort to jot down or copy / paste everything on the body of a text file to be randomized utilizing

Abcdefmonkey   -  Sep 13, 2012

Also, @extreme12 why would you go through the pain of wasting so much space for a snippet that can be done in 1 or 2 lines of coding? A .txt file would suffice in snippets like this. It reduces the length of the code for starters and eliminates the need for it to jump to a number to read the line.

On *:JOIN:#: { .msg $chan $Read(Welcome.txt) }

This would work perfectly. Sorry if I seem a bit rude. Apologies.

Abcdefmonkey   -  Sep 13, 2012

Let me butt in here and say the snippet doesn't work as @Sorasyn and @Stewie1k94 stated. Let's examine why.

Your code:

on *:JOIN:#: {   
 /set %join.rand $rand(1.3) {    
  if (%join.rand == 1) /msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat $nick      
  if (%join.rand == 2) /msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat chanal $nick.     
  if (%join.rand == 3) /msg $chan welcome $nick, stick to the rules and I will not kick you ;)   

Line 2 is incorrect. Let's start from the first error. You have a period instead of a comma where you use $rand. It should read $rand(1,3) not $rand(1.3). Secondly, this line doesn't require a bracket at the end. There is no statement preceding the bracket, therefore it won't work as-is. Your code should look similar to @Stewie1k94's code in order for it to work properly. >.<

Overall, I don't understand why people still make these types of snippets anymore. No one really wants to be greeted by a bot. It's quite annoying (personally). However, it is a good place to start (I suppose) if you're new to coding mSL. >.<

Stewie1k94   -  Sep 12, 2012

Your way didn't work for me, as I just tested it. But I removed the bracket, and changed some things:

on *:JOIN:#thunderbolt: {   
  set %join.rand $rand(1,3) 
  if (%join.rand == 1) msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat $nick      
  if (%join.rand == 2) msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat chanal $nick.     
  if (%join.rand == 3) msg $chan welcome $nick, stick to the rules and I will not kick you ;)   
  • Stewie (I@m.Sexy.Stewie) has joined #thunderbolt
    <&thunderbolt|ghost> welcome on the #thunderbolt chat Stewie
baloe12nl   -  Sep 12, 2012

I do like your advice. there for i put it down.
I test it the way You disgribet it to me. but it wil not work.
test it your self how i'f done it.

chat4all : #testOL

Stewie1k94   -  Sep 12, 2012

The bracket won't work. and it don't need 2 end brackets, and $rand(1,3) is what you should use.

Stewie1k94   -  Sep 12, 2012

Or doesn't like our advice. O_o

Sorasyn   -  Sep 12, 2012

Lol... You must be joking. You can't expect a bracket after a variable with no connecting statement to truly work, do you? I can tell just from looking at it, it doesn't work. So either you're lying, or ignorant. Lol.

baloe12nl   -  Sep 12, 2012


Stewie1k94   -  Sep 12, 2012

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's s'posed to be random welcome messages?

baloe12nl   -  Sep 12, 2012

thx all for the sugestions.
I was thinking of a text file, but it was more work fore me to make 1 then to do it this way.

@Sorasyn : I've tested it and debugd it. It works. and no bracket appears to be random. I even checked the code after posting it on Hawkee.

Stewie1k94   -  Sep 11, 2012

Oh, lol. That bracket ain't needed, and won't work with it there. xD

Sorasyn   -  Sep 11, 2012

Just cause someone else posted one, doesn't mean we need yet another... -_-

In any case:

 /set %join.rand $rand (1.3) {    

A wild Bracket appeared! Do you even test, debug, or clean up before distributing code..?

Stewie1k94   -  Sep 11, 2012

I think you should use


but, you could make it smaller, and have it read a random like from a text file


Well,. not 'should'. Just a suggestion.

Jethro   -  Sep 11, 2012

Holy moly.

Aion-   -  Sep 11, 2012

You might want to look up the $read() identifier. You will save time and the outcome will be the same.

extreme12   -  Sep 11, 2012

; Welkom heette van een chatter die in de room joint
; --------------------------------------------------------
on 1:join:#:{
goto $rand(1,53)
.msg # 10Welkom in # 4 $nick 10Brand het ergens ? | return
.msg # 10Van harte Welkom 4 $nick 10bij ons in de chatroom !! | return
.msg # 10Hallo4 $nick 10is alles goed met je ? | return
.msg # 10Hallooooooooo4 $nick 10komt binnen ! | return
.msg # 10Welkom4 $nick 10hier verveel je je zeker niet in # ! | return
.msg # 10Hey er komt een chatter binnen ,de naam is4 $nick | return
.msg # 10Welkom4 $nick 10ik ben blij dat je er bent ! | return
.msg # 4 $nick 10Komt de chatkamer # binnen ! | return
.msg # 10Welkom terug4 $nick 10in14 # ! | return
.msg # 10Jij bent de 10de chatter in # ,Gefeliciteerd en Welkom4 $nick | return
.msg # 10hey4 $nick 10heb je boterkoeken bij want zijn scheel van den honger | return
.msg # 10Hallookes4 $nick 10moogt ge weer buiten van moeki en kom je maar naar hier wat chatten.. | return
.msg # 10Hey4 $nick i10k ben4 $me 10wie ben jij heb ik u al eens gezien hier wees welkom zenne | return
.msg # 10Hallo4 $nick 10ik ben het funbotje hier kan ik u helpen met iets dat is dan 2 euro4 $nick | return
.msg # 4 $nick 10kom maar binnen en neem een zitplaatsje de bar is open als ge koffie wil maar de pistolets zijn op. | return
.msg # 10Welkom4 $nick 10ik ben van lapland, maar woon hier nog maar pas van waar ben jij? | return
.msg # 4 $nick 10Welkom voeten afvegen want is zojuist pas gekuist | return
.msg # 10Daarzie wie we daar hebben4 $nick 10zijt ge buitengeschopt thuis4 $nick | return
.msg # 10Ik ben een lief klein hondje wie ben jij4 $nick ? | return
.msg # 10Opgelet mensen4 $nick 10komt binnen hey4 $nick :) | return
.msg # 10Hallo4 $nick 10ik ben het waakhondje hier heb je een snoepje bij voor me waf! woef' | return
.msg # 10Hey4 $nick 10je hebt wat gemist hoor | return
.msg # 10hey Zeg het hier maar, dan liefst in stilte sssssst, niet zo luid binnenkomen4 $nick 10en doe de deur dicht | return
.msg # 10hey blij je te zien zene :-) | return
.msg # 10hey hey beetje verdiept op ircchatten4 $nick ? | return
.msg # 10hey Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa..4 $nick | return
.msg # 10hey Hey je vald toch niet in herhaling of zo?4 $nick 10ik dacht dat je ergens zat te lezen | return
.msg # 10hey En dat heb ik ook gezien.... dat je hier komt binnegevallen4 $nick :) | return
.msg # 10hey4 $nick 10alles goed met U? met mij gaat het redelijk thx.:-) | return
.msg # 10hey Hey Hey, hier is ie weer onze4 $nick 10zie :) | return
.msg # 10hey heb je het gevonden naar hier4 $nick 10niet te veel verdwaald :p | return
.msg # 10hey kiekeboe,4 $nick | return
.msg # 10Je bent echt niet te doen4 $nick 10nu al terug | return
.msg # 10Had ik het niet geweten :-) dat hij/zij terug zal komen he4 $nick | return
.msg # 10Ik had het kunnen denken ^^ :) de weg verloren zeker4 $nick | return
.msg # 10gade weer is gaas geven?4 $nick 10hier | return
.msg # 10Allé vooruit met de geit. Rapper gaat niet zeker?4 $nick 10om hier te komen :p | return
.msg # 10Het is groen, start maar met chatten4 $nick 10and welcome here :p | return
.msg # 4 $nick 10Wij staan paraat zoals een soldaat, klinke repareren en de mensen ambetere :) wees welkom!! | return
.msg # 10Even u aandacht aub..4 $nick 10is er Dank U :) | return
.msg # 10Dat kost u een pint :p4 $nick 10dank u | return
.msg # 10Hey wie wij hier hebben se onze4 $nick 10welkom :-) | return
.msg # 10Nu al terug? dacht jij langer weg bleef4 $nick | return
.msg # 10Hey, hey, al terug?4 $nick | return
.msg # 10Snelle mens hé nu al terug4 $nick | return
.msg # 10Allemaal in koor WB,WB,WB4 $nick | return
.msg # 10Dat werdt tijd je terug kwam4 $nick 10, We misten u enorm (niet) :p | return
.msg # 10Oh wat ben ik blij jou weer te zien4 $nick | return
.msg # 10goeie dag en welcome back4 $nick , 10lang geleden wij mekaar gezien te hebben? | return
.msg # 10hoi, ik denk dat jij het bent...doei, viel me toch erg tegen...hoor4 $nick :-) | return
.msg # 10ziet4 $nick 10binnenkomen en vraagt: "Kon je me weer niet missen4 $nick ???" | return
.msg # 10Welgekomen4 $nick 10kon je ons niet missen, pak een stoelke en zet je bij. | return
.msg # 10hey4 $nick 10komt ge eens zien hier welkom have a nice day hier en blijf een beetje is gezellig hier hoor | return

; this is one of mine welcome mesage random

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