Fake Join (See desc)

By fluentmsl on Aug 06, 2012

Talking about a person who's lurking?
Does this person know about mIRC too, and how to use it?

Well, if you're talking about them and they're lurking and you don't want them to see what you've been saying, obviously you could use /clear to wipe the page, but that could be suspicious, as it doesn't even show that you've joined the channel, so it'd be obvious you've just hidden what's been said.

But if you use this handy little alias, you can make it look like you've just joined the channel.
You won't actually leave the channel.

What this little script does is wipe the screen, state in mIRC's standard way that you've just joined the channel, and will show you the topic - Looks exactly the same as what it does when you've joined the channel.

(All you need to press)
Will result in only this on the window

[10:30] You are now talking in #channel
Topic is "The topic of the channel"

It doesn't say #channel unless you're actually in a channel called #channel, it'll say the channels name.

alias pj { clear | echo -a 3 $+ $timestamp * Now talking in $active | topic $active }

//This isn't part of the code, it says I need a hundred characters and there's no point making this script longer, it's small but it serves its purpose..


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MoshMage   -  Aug 06, 2012

Thank god you're fine. I feared for you for a second there Jethro. Don't you ever scare me like that again i say!

Jethro   -  Aug 06, 2012

Yes, it was an error of judgement. No, I'm not mad.

MoshMage   -  Aug 06, 2012

Jethro are you mad? //names # provides every nickname in channel - doesn't show the topic not anything like /hop. /hop is a /part | /join with a /clear in between :o

Jethro   -  Aug 06, 2012

Disregard this due to my inattention.

MoshMage   -  Aug 06, 2012

/hop comes to mind.. Still, nice alternative.

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