rawmode deown/dehost protection

By Tubz on Jul 27, 2012

Raw event with hash tables for mirc
Let me know what you think :)
copy and paste
no idea if its faster than on deop/on deowner

on *:RAWMODE:#:{
  hadd -m revuser $ial($nick).user $ial($nick).addr $nick
  hadd -m r k $r(1111111,9999999)
  if ($2 != $nick) && ($2 == $me) {
    if ($1 == -q) {
      mode $me +h $hget(data,# $+ q)
      access # clear owner $rgate 0
      mode # -q $rname
      prop # ownerkey $hget(r,k)

    elseif ($1 == -o) {
      mode $me +h $hget(data,# $+ o)
      access # clear host $rgate 0
      mode # -o $rname
      prop # ownerkey $hget(r,k)
  hfree revuser

alias rgate { return $gettok($hget(revuser,$ial($nick).user),1,32) }
alias rname { return $gettok($hget(revuser,$ial($nick).user),2,32) }


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Tubz   -  Jul 28, 2012

im on vibesn @ the moment .ocx
Must it be an on irc sniplet? O-O

_Dean_   -  Jul 27, 2012

you need to specify that the user needs owner access or OPER override +v to use

mode # -q $rname

some networks does not has "access" as alias in services, and the command "clear" will clear the entire list, not only a specific level

 access # clear owner $rgate 0

if someone uses

mode # -qaohv $str($nick,5)

they wont have any privileges to "deop" or "deowner" someone, to use "mode"

for what is this line made for?

mode $me +h $hget(data,# $+ q)

UMODE +h in some networks are only for Staff members or IRCops

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