Pokedex v7.0 Full

By sagargulati on Jul 15, 2012

Here is a simple and complete pokedex that will help you show the database of all pokemons.

It shows the link to the pokemon and returns an error on an existing pokemon.

Syntax :

1) Go to you mIRC root folder or where ever you like and place the snippet by enclosing to "pokedex.mrc"
2) Load the snippet "/load -rs pokedex.mrc"
3) Open the folder created and copy/paste the pokemon names from here : http://scripts.mindfreakers.net/mIRC/text/pokelist.txt
or HERE : http://pastebin.com/zt3KFfhb
Put the file(s) in folder created.
5) Done! It will work now :)

; Pokedex v7.0 FUll
; By Illusion/Sagar
; gs.mindfreakers.net #Hawkee

on *:LOAD: { mkdir Pokedex
echo -at Pokedex v7.0 Full by Sagar/IlLuSiOn loaded successfully. }

on *:TEXT:!pokedex*:#: {
  if ($2 == $null) { notice $nick Syntax : !pokedex <pokemon> }
  elseif ($read(Pokdedex/pokelist.txt,w ,$2) == $2) { notice $nick $2 : http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/ $+ $2
  else { notice $nick Pokemon $2- doesn't exists in database.
} }

alias pokedex {
  if ($1 == $null) { echo -at Syntax : /pokedex <pokemon> }
  elseif ($read(Pokdedex/pokelist.txt,w ,$1) == $1) { echo -at $1 : http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/ $+ $1
  else { echo -at Pokemon $1- doesn't exists in database.
} }


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Sorasyn   -  Jul 15, 2012

Perhaps this would be a bit more useful had you used sockets to pull the data off an existing webpage. That way the script maintains itself for the most part, and you don't have to roll out a new data file; should they, god forbid, make ANOTHER pokemon game. Lol.

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