Identify Alias

By Vampire@lucidchat on Jul 14, 2012

It's an alias to identify your nick just replace the 8's with your password for identifying and you'll be able to easily identify by using the command /id

This was created and tested by me and works perfectly, 
well anyways to use copy the code below the line and put into your remotes

alias id {
  ns identify 88888


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Mr.MaSTeR   -  Aug 24, 2012

on :connect: {
.if (servername isin $server) { .timeridentify1 2 nick nickhere | .timeridentify2 4 ns identify passhere | .timeridentify3 7 .timeridentify
off }

Yawhatnever   -  Jul 19, 2012

For starters, you could put this into your alias tab because that's what it is. You just have to put this on a new line:

/id /ns id %pass

If you're too lazy for that, literally all you have to do is type "/alias /id /ns id %pass" into your editbox on mIRC.

Then press alt+O > connect > options > perform
add "/id" to the perform commands and it will identify you upon connecting.

Vampire@lucidchat   -  Jul 19, 2012

@Yawhatnever "really?" what are you trying to ask about cuz if you're asking about it working then yes
@Jethro I know that I could put it in the perform box but I'm too lazy to and felt like making this for that reason

Jethro   -  Jul 15, 2012

You should make it to have the ability to input the password, rather than have it hard coded in the snippet by itself:

alias id {
  noop $$input(Put Your Password Here:,p,Nickname Identify)
  ns identify $!

this way it's easier and convenient for people who are interested in using your snippet.

If this is for personal use only, you can put the /ns identify cmd directly inside mIRC's perform box without using an alias. To read more, enter: /help /perform

Yawhatnever   -  Jul 15, 2012


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