Script Help System By JeSTeR

By JeSTeRFLA on May 23, 2012

Its A Script Help System That Connect You To My Servers #MircHelp Chan To Assist N00bs With Your Script, Code And Basic IRC Commands (You May Use It In Your Scripts If You Like. You May Also Join And Be Opered To Assist People With MIRC Retaled Questions). Please Dont Rip My Code, Its Not Nice. DONT BE A FREAKIN LAMER ABOUT IT EITHER!

;General Idea By JeSTeR
;Please Dont Rip My Code, Its Not Nice.
;Code Can Be Found On H4CK3D Script V10.2 By JeSTeR
menu Menubar,Channel,Nicklist,Query,Status {
  x( Script Help )x:/Help1
alias Help1 {
  %socknick = $strip($1)
  if (!%socknick) { %socknick = $$?="You Will Now Get Help Please Enter NickName:" }
  .sockclose clientchat
  echo -a Connecting to server......
  set %Hoper @MIRCHelpNetwork
  .sockopen clientchat IRC.H4CK3D.NL 6667
on *:sockopen:clientchat: {
  window -ek[N] %Hoper
  echo %Hoper >>> Connection Established. Receiving MOTD.....
  sockwrite -nt $sockname NICK %socknick
  sockwrite -nt $sockname USER Help Help Help :Help
on *:SOCKOPEN:clientchat: {
  echo %Hoper >>> Connection Established. Receiving MOTD.....
on *:SOCKCLOSE:clientchat: { echo %Hoper >>> Connection has been closed at $time }

on *:INPUT:@*: {
  if ($left($strip($1),1) == /) {
    var %command = $mid($strip($1-),2)
    if ($gettok(%command,1,32) == quit) {
      sockwrite -nt clientchat QUIT : $+ gettok(%command,2-,32)
      sockclose clientchat
    else {
      sockwrite -nt clientchat %command
  else {
    sockwrite -n clientchat PRIVMSG $remove($target,@) : $+ $strip($1-)
    echo $target $timestamp < $+ %socknick $+ > $strip($1-)
on *:SOCKREAD:clientchat:{
  if ($sockerr > 0) return
  var %temp
  sockread %temp
  if ($sockbr == 0) { return }
  echo %HOper %temp
  tokenize 32 %temp
  var %nick = $gettok($mid($1,2),1,33)
  if ($1 == PING) { sockwrite -nt $sockname PONG $2 }
  if ($2 == 001) {
    ;Welcome to the internet relay chat
    sockwrite -nt $sockname join #EXChat
  if ($2 == JOIN && %nick == %socknick) {
    ;Open a new channel window
    window -ek[N] @ $+ $remove($3,:)
  if ($2 == PRIVMSG) {
    ;Process on TEXT here
    var %target = $window(@ $+ $3)
    if (%target) {
      ;Window found
      echo %target < $+ %nick $+ > $mid($4-,2)


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Aurora801   -  Jun 19, 2014

Good job, man.

JeSTeRFLA  -  Jun 19, 2014


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JeSTeRFLA   -  Aug 04, 2012

ya.... someone mad they can't think of things better then a banning script? EAT MY SOCKOPEN :-P

Jethro   -  Jul 30, 2012

The website name and snippet description itself may sound stupid, (though for parody's sake) but the Author's work doesn't deserve being called a name out of your ignorance, xpl0reR. Let's keep Hawkee running with good manners, shall we?

JeSTeRFLA   -  Jun 06, 2012

OK, so it got edited i took out the last else. it was only there because i was gonna add more to it. Thank You for noticing napa182.

napa182   -  May 24, 2012

why do you have two on sockopen events? an ur last else line is all edited out, you may as well remove it or put it as an on load event.

JeSTeRFLA   -  May 24, 2012

this isn't my first idea but its the first one i actually posted so. enjoy? i guess. i don't really post much because there are a lot of rip off artists but maybe this won't be my last if you guys like it.

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