Some Bot Commands

By Dany on May 11, 2012

This My First Snippet
I have not yet made any other
This is my first time
So plz forgive me if any mistake is there in my script

And the scanbug cmd does not repaid the bugs it just send to the channel that it have been fixed sry for that

on *:TEXT:!trade*:#: {
  if (!$2) || (!$3) || (!$4) describe $chan : Syntax : !Trade [Country] [Object Or Thing , You Want To Trade] [Days] 
  else {
    describe $chan : $nick is Trading to $2 for selling $3 for $4 day(s)
    describe $chan : $nick is away . reason : Trading to $2  

on *:Text:!brejoin:#:{
  if ( $nick isop $chan ) cycle $chan 

on *:TEXT:!qbot:#: {
  if ($nick($chan,$nick,&~))  
  msg $chan ---> Echo Bot Disconnected <--  
  { /quit Disconnected }

on *:Text:!scanbug:#: {
  describe $chan : Scanning for bugs
  timer 1 2  msg $chan 10% 
  timer 1 4 msg $chan 20% 
  timer 1 8 msg $chan 30% 
  timer 1 13 msg $chan 70% 
  timer 1 15 msg $chan 95% 
  timer 1 18 msg $chan 100% . Completed Scanning 
  timer 1 19 msg $chan Fixing Errors 
  timer 1 22 msg $chan Errors Fixed 
  timer 1 23 msg $chan Thanks $nick For Scanning And Fixing The Bugs


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[AC]TAZ   -  May 26, 2012

This scan is useless. It's just an messages, and don't scan any bugs at all. But good work, It's your first script, keep it up :>

napa182   -  May 12, 2012

Most people that post msl snippets have either a irc channel or a irc server of their own. No need to spam it like that. You can always post the link to it in ur profile.

Dany   -  May 12, 2012

guys i have an irc channel in that many other cmds are there you may plz visit it

Dany   -  May 12, 2012

thx guys for the tips
it helps me to improve
this is my first time

napa182   -  May 12, 2012

that scanbug is a tad bit floody an useless

Yawhatnever   -  May 11, 2012

@Sorasyn I think $nick() supports nick prefixes too but as an undocumented feature. I might be wrong but investigate for yourself.

if (!$2) || (!$3) || (!$4) could be shortened to if (!$4) because if the fourth token exists then the second and third must exist.

just be aware that !$4 means the fourth token could be $null, 0, or $false. if the command needs a specific type of input you might want to use comparisons such as isnum (for days).

$chan and # are interchangeable as well, just a tip.

Keep it up.

Sorasyn   -  May 11, 2012

I'm having a hard time believing this actually runs as intended just from the way it's setup.

  if ($nick($chan,$nick,&~))  
  msg $chan ---> Echo Bot Disconnected <--  
  { /quit Disconnected }

Mainly because you initiate a bracket out of the blue with no preceding statement.

$nick(#,N/Nick,aohvr) only supports a mixture of "aohvr" a = all nicks, o = ops, h = halfop, and so on. However to get rank symbols like you've shown is an easy adjustment: $nick($chan,$nick).pnick "The pnick property returns the nickname in a .@%+nick format." Right out of the help file. :)

This is how it should look.

if ($nick($chan,$nick,&~)) {
   msg $chan ---> Echo Bot Disconnected <---
   quit Disconnected

Just a few suggestions, hope it helps.

ProIcons   -  May 11, 2012

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it scanned and fixed the bugs.

fraguk   -  May 11, 2012

wtf is .. Scanning And Fixing The Bugs o0

Dany   -  May 11, 2012

Guys Plz Comment

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