Now playing Radio Station (shoutcast based)

By eqrunner on May 08, 2012


Now Playing script for internet radio stations. It uses a SHOUTcast admin page for a given station.
Just Played. Will show up to the last 9 songs played on the given station.


!np or !nowplaying will show current song

!np [station name] [c,count,l,listner]
Shows current listner count.

!np [station name] url
will show the url of said site.

!np [station name] status
will show the current status of the stream [Online or Offline]

!jp or !justplayed or !lp or !lastplayed will show previous 3 songs

!jp [1-9]
will show previous 1 or up to 9 previous songs. Default settings allow normal/voice to call up to 5 previous songs. Op/Owners can call up all 9 previous songs. Flood protection is added in to keep a user from calling up the history list more than once in a short period of time.

!np [help]

Code may look long and complicated, I just have added a lot of notes and comments for future modifications and so I remember what I did.

2012-05-08 - v2.1 Original creation Released to the public.
2012-05-24 - v3.0 Released. Merged personal Just playing script with Now Playing script to create a full feature script.

See bottom of script for Version history

;; Now Playing ;;;;;;;;;;;;via SHOUTcast ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;;;;;;;;;;ft JustPlayed;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;eqrunner;;;;;;;;;;;;v 3.0;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

!nowplaying [station name] [s|c|L]
!nowplaying [help|?]
!justplayed [1-9]


;alias np {
on $*:TEXT:/^[!](nowplaying|np|justplayed|jp|justheard|lastplayed|lastplay|lp|previous|previousplay|previousplayed|history|played)/Si:#:{

  ;=== Set up the station Information: ===
  set %np_station SHOUTdrive
  set %np_ip
  set %np_port 80
  set %np_url
  ;=== End station Information ===

  ; === Nothing below needs to be modified, unless you wish to modify the output, in which case, go down to the sockclose alias. ===

  set %np_nick $nick
  set %np_chan $chan
  set %np_network $network  

  ;-- Merges multiple commands down to two commands !nowplaying and !justplayed --;
  ;- Nowplaying merge
  var %np_np_list !nowplaying !np
  if ($1 isin %np_np_list) set %np_command !nowplaying
  ;- Justplayed merge
  var %np_jp_list !justplayed !jp !justheard !lastplayed !lastplay !lp !previous !previousplay !previousplayed !played !history
  if ($1 isin %np_jp_list) set %np_command !justplayed

  ;--- Help Parameters
  if ($2 == ?) || ($2 == help) { nowplaying_help | halt }

  ;--- !nowplaying Parameters ---
  if (%np_command == !nowplaying) {
    set %np_sock_GET /7.html HTTP/1.0

  ;--- Variable $3 Parameters ---
  if ($3 != $null) { 
    if ($3 == s) || ($3 == status) set %np_3 status
    if ($3 == url) set %np_3 url
    if ($3 == c) || ($3 == count) || ($3 == listner) || ($3 == l) set %np_3 count

  ;--- !justplayed Parameters ---
  ;- Limits voice and normal to only seeing a max of 5. Allows OPS a max of 10 --
  ;-- Helps prevent standard user flooding
  ;- IF no number is givin, then set to the default amount of 3

  if (%np_command == !justplayed) {
    set %np_sock_GET /played.html HTTP/1.0
    if ($2 isnum 1-9) {
      var %np_oplist isop ishop isowner
      if (%np_nick isop %np_chan) || (%np_nick isowner %np_chan) { 
        set %np_2 $2
      if (%np_nick isvoice %np_chan) || (%np_nick isreg %np_chan) {
        if ($2 > 5) { set %np_2 5 }
        if ($2 <= 5) { set %np_2 $2 }

    if ($2 == $null) { set %np_2 3 }

  ;--- Flood Protection
  if (%np_command == !justplayed) && (%npdelay > 0) { .notice $nick Previous songs already listed. See above. | unset %np_* | halt }

  ;--- Socket Preperation 
  sockclose nowplaying
  sockopen nowplaying %np_ip %np_port

;========== SOCK OPEN ==========

on *:SOCKOPEN:nowplaying:{
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET %np_sock_GET
  sockwrite -n $sockname User-Agent: Mozilla
  sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf

;========== SOCK READ ==========

on *:sockread:nowplaying:{
  ;--- !nowplaying Sock Read ----
  if (%np_command == !nowplaying) {
    if ($sockerr > 0) {
      notice %np_nick %tegn.1 $+ %radio.navn $+ %tegn.2 %tegn.midt %tegn.1 Stream Is Offline %tegn.2 NOTE1
    sockread -f %scasttemp1
    if ($sockbr == 0) return
    if (%scasttemp1 == $null) %scasttemp1 = empty
    set %scasttemp1 $remove(%scasttemp1,<HTML><meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"></head><body>,</body></html>)
    if ((HTTP/1.* !iswm %scasttemp1) && (content-type* !iswm %scasttemp1) && (%scasttemp1 != empty)) {
      set %np_listeners1 $gettok(%scasttemp1,1,44)
      set %np_status1 $gettok(%scasttemp1,2,44) 
      set %np_peak1 $gettok(%scasttemp1,3,44)
      set %np_max1 $gettok(%scasttemp1,4,44)
      set %np_ulistners1 $gettok(%scasttemp1,5,44)
      set %np_kbps $gettok(%scasttemp1,6,44)
      set %np_asong1 $gettok(%scasttemp1,7-,44)
      set %np_song1 $replace(%np_asong1,&,$chr(38),',$chr(39))
    goto nextread
  ;--- !justplayed Sock Read ----
  if (%np_command == !justplayed) {
    sockread -f %jp_temp
    if ($regex(%jp_temp,/(?i)<td>(.+)<\/td>/)) {
      ;echo -s $regml(1)

      ;--- Strips down the code
      Strips down the code down to the needed info with § seperators to be
      used by the $gettok.
      Yes, I could of combined this in to one or two lines. But I kept it 
      seperate to help keep it understandable and easy to trouble shoot.
      -Removes all close tags in the code </*>
      -Removes all <tr> and <b> tags from the code
      -Replaces all <td> and <br> with § character
      -Counts total § characters to be referenced below in the while loop.
      var %jp_stripped $regsubex($regml(1),/</[^>]*>/g,$chr(0))
      var %jp_stripped $replace(%jp_stripped,<tr>,$chr(0),<b>,$chr(0))
      var %jp_stripped $replace(%jp_stripped,<td>,$chr(167),<br>,$chr(167))
      set %jp_167count $count(%jp_stripped,$chr(167))

      ;----Sets the first song (current song) 
      Have to as the 'Current song' at the end, screws up 
      the count for the remainder. (Song 1 time and song is at 3 and 4 (odd then even), as 
      the rest are at 6 and 7 (even than odd) 
      set %jp_time1 $gettok(%jp_stripped,3,167)
      set %jp_song1 $gettok(%jp_stripped,4,167)
      var %jp_line_var = 6
      var %jp_songline_var = 2

      ;---Sets the remainder of the songs, plus extra junk.
      =While the line_var is less than the total number of § characters
      -Sets the time variable
      -Increases the token count number
      -Sets the Song Varible
      -Increases the token count and song line count
      while (%jp_line_var < %jp_167count) {
        set $+(%,jp_time,%jp_songline_var) $gettok(%jp_stripped,%jp_line_var,167)
        inc %jp_line_var
        set $+(%,jp_song,%jp_songline_var) $gettok(%jp_stripped,%jp_line_var,167)
        inc %jp_line_var
        inc %jp_songline_var
      ;set %jp_stripped3 $regsubex($regml(1),/§[^>]*§/g,$chr(167))

;========== SOCK CLOSE ==========

on *:sockclose:nowplaying:{
  ;=== Station Fail ====
  ;-- If station is offline then:
  if (%np_status1 == 0) {
    msg %np_chan %np_station $+ : Stream Is Offline 
    goto np_end

  ;=== User had added a 3rd parameter to their message. Aka !nowplaying [station] [s,status,url,c,count,listern]
  ;-- If user has added an S or Status as the 3rd parameter. Then the status of station will show.
  if (%np_3 == status) {
    if (%np_status1 == 0) { var %np_status2 = Offline }
    elseif (%np_status1 == 1) { var %np_status2 = Online }
    msg %np_chan %np_station Status: %np_status2 
    ;msg %np_chan %np_station Status: %np_status2 $chr(124) Listeners: %np_listeners1 $chr(124) Peak: %np_peak1 $chr(124) Limit: $+ %np_max1 $chr(124) Stream: $+ %np_kbps $+ kbps

  ;-- If user has URL as 3rd parameter, then url of site will show.
  if (%np_3 == url) {
    msg %np_chan %np_station $+ : %np_url

  ;-- If user has C, Count, or L, then listener count will show.
  if (%np_3 == count) {
    msg %np_chan %np_station listener count: %np_listeners1 ( %np_ulistners1 unique )

  ;-- IF user has only asked for !np, or !np [station], then the current song will show.
  if (%np_3 == $null) {
    ;--- IF !nowplaying 
    if (%np_command == !nowplaying) {
      msg %np_chan %np_station $+ : %np_song1 
    ;--- IF !justplayed
    if (%np_command == !justplayed) {
      inc -z %npdelay $calc(%np_2 * 10)
      var %jp_t = 1
      var %jp_list2_var = 2
      while (%jp_t <= %np_2) {
        .timer 1 %jp_t msg %np_chan %jp_list_var : $($+(%,jp_time,%jp_list2_var),2) : $($+(%,jp_song,%jp_list2_var),2)
        inc %jp_t
        inc %jp_list2_var
  unset %np_*
  unset %jp_*

;=== Help Section ===========

alias nowplaying_help {
  .timer 1 0 .msg %np_nick --- Now Playing HELP ---
  .timer 1 1 .msg %np_nick Use command: !nowplaying to see what is currently playing.
  .timer 1 3 .msg %np_nick Use commands: !justplayed or !lastplayed to see the previous 3 songs
  .timer 1 4 .msg %np_nick You can add a number on the end to see a specific amount of previous songs. Limit 5 for users, 10 for ops
  .timer 1 5 .msg %np_nick EX: !justplayed 5 = will give you previous 5 songs.
  .timer 1 6 .msg %np_nick --- END of Now Playing Help ---

v 2.1 Released to public. Fully working Nowplaying
v 3.0 Rewrittin, Now includes Playlist history and HELP

Two actions read from seperate pages, but use the same common SOCKOPEN/SOCKREAD. 
!nowplaying GET's from /7.html
!justplayed GET's from /played.html


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PackardBell   -  Jun 05, 2013

i get this error : * /sockwrite: 'nowplaying' not connected (line 7374, remote.ini)

n=7373 on *:SOCKOPEN:nowplaying:{
n=7374 sockwrite -n $sockname GET %np_sock_GET

somebody can help me? Thx

eqrunner  -  Jun 10, 2013

First off. I would recommend putting this script in a separate script file. (Script Editor/ Remote Tab/ File- New- Script/ File - Save As- nowplaying.ini)
This way it will remove any chances of another script interfering.

Second. If you copy/pasted it and tested it. Then it would of failed, as the test server I had in the script had recently become outdated. I just now (Jun 06 2013) have updated the script with the updated server.
set %np_ip

Try copy/pasting again. And let me know if it still fails.

DragonHeart  -  Apr 19, 2015

This is meant to be run from a BOT correct? I need the last10 songs played... Anyway just to isolate that?

eqrunner  -  Apr 26, 2015

Yes. It is ment to run on mIRC. You can use the command !justplayed 10 to show the last 10 songs played.

DragonHeart  -  Apr 27, 2015

Thanks eqrunner... works great except I cant get more than 5 songs to display even though I am op'd in channel. But can live with that :)

eqrunner  -  May 20, 2015

If still not working try adding a ishop into line 62:

if (%np_nick isop %np_chan) || (%np_nick ishop %np_chan) ||(%np_nick isowner %np_chan) {

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TheWhistler   -  Jun 02, 2012

i like this but only 1 problem with this !history
02:30:43 : Devo - Whip It

why is it showing the codes
!jp works just great for me

DragonHeart   -  May 26, 2012

@eqrunner I installed the script. The !np and the help parts work, the !jp output is just :: ::

DragonHeart   -  May 26, 2012

Okay, will check it out tonight, thanks @eqrunner

eqrunner   -  May 24, 2012

@DragonHeart version 3.0 posted. It now includes !justplaying script.

Let me know if there are any bugs in it.

irchainscriptz   -  May 17, 2012

Nice likes!!

DragonHeart   -  May 15, 2012

@eqrunner its my station and I have admin access to the admin page (if thats what you mean).

eqrunner   -  May 13, 2012

@DragonHeart I did once in the past. And I am not sure where it is at the moment. (Gonna have to dig through my files) Thou I do recall, it uses the admin.cgi data page which requires a server user name and password.
Do you operate the server you want the song history for, or is it someone elses? If its some one elses, I will have try and create one for the public song history page, which may be a few as my schedule is busy.

DragonHeart   -  May 12, 2012

@eqrunner: can you do a quick snippet on how to get the info from the last 10 songs played?

Yawhatnever   -  May 09, 2012

Alright, cool.

eqrunner   -  May 09, 2012

@Yawhatnever Line 68 is ment to be commented out. It is a detailed 'status' giving you all the stats on the station. vs line 67 which only tells you if the station is online or offline.

and yes, on line 33, it has been corrected to %np_nick. I have had made this script years ago, but finally got around to posting it. So I may of messed up a few areas. Let me know if you find anything else.

Yawhatnever   -  May 09, 2012

Nice script. Cleanly written and even has a few explanations in the comments.

Just curious, is line 68 where it also sends the listeners/peak etc. meant to be commented out?

Also, did you mean to /notice %np_nick rather than $nick during the sockread if $sockerr was greater than 0?

luckypaws  -  Jan 08, 2013

There use to be an easier version of this... I can't get the new one to work for me, but I loved the other version.

luckypaws  -  Jan 08, 2013

I'm a bit confused by the [s]c]l] ... I'm not sure what is suppose to go there, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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