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By Snorlax on May 02, 2012


This is my first Snippet I've ever posted here, so if it's a waste - Sorry, just delete it :P

It maybe useful for some people, or to add on to. All it does is open a box where you can type in an address for example Google and from there it will change it to and open it up in your web browser as a new tab. All that is needed is the middle part of the URL.

Take the code and put it into a note pad, then save as anything.vbs

If you want to change the browser it uses please change where it says " "chrome.exe " " to the process of your browser and hit save.

Some Browser names:
Internet explorer = iexplore.exe
firefox = firefox.exe
chrome = chrome.exe

If you want to stop it from being infinite (on a loop) remove 'do' and 'loop' from the code and then save again. Because of the loop the 'Cancel' button is made void until the loop is removed.

set oSH = createobject("Wscript.Shell")
search = "www." & Trim(inputbox ("Type website name, Eg  Google:")) & ".com"
oSH.Run "chrome.exe " & search, 1, true ' to wait or false to not wait for completion


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Hawkee   -  May 03, 2012

@sean Very good thinking.

sean   -  May 03, 2012

@Snorlax To add a bit more functionality, I would do some research and find how to target the users' default browser :)

PS: There's certainly no waste by posting your code. Keep posting!

Hawkee   -  May 03, 2012

@Snorlax There you go. Thank you.

Snorlax   -  May 03, 2012

Okay I changed that, sorry it's my first time posting :P

Hawkee   -  May 02, 2012

You shouldn't include the taskkill call within this snippet. Somebody might just take it all at once not knowing they've got that extra bit of code there.

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