By Drarqua on Apr 12, 2012

A very simple script from me and Aha2y which sends a memssage to the memoserv
when someone requests you something
Syntax : !request
And of course without these <>
Note: Check how the memoserv of your irc serv works
because the command may not be /msg memoserv send
And you may have to change it.

Drarqua and Aha2y

on *:TEXT:!request*:#:{ 
  if ($2 != $null) {
    /notice $nick Your request is currently being reviewed ...
    /msg memoserv send $me $nick $2- }


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Yawhatnever   -  May 07, 2012

You might want to check to make sure $2 != $null before responding.

Sorasyn   -  Apr 12, 2012


Drarqua   -  Apr 12, 2012

I added your name too
Check this Aha2y :

Jordyk19   -  Apr 12, 2012

Lol... Meh :P

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