Mass invite channel menu

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Apr 07, 2012
Updated  Apr 07, 2012
This is a simple mass invite script that is activated when you right click and select "-=Mass Invite=-" on the channel you are inviting from. menu channel {
-=Mass Invite=-: { set %minvitechan $$?=" What room do you want to mass invite to? "
if (!$chan) || (!%minvitechan) {
echo -a * /minvite Insufficient Parameters. Please try again
elseif ($me !ison $chan) || ($me !ison %minvitechan) {
echo -a * /minvite ERROR You need to be in the specified channels
else {
var %x 1 | while (%x <= $nick($chan,0)) { var %n $addtok(%n,$nick($chan,%x),46)) | inc %x
echo -a * /minvite Initiating Mass Invite...
part $chan
var %m 1 | while (%m <= $numtok(%n,46)) {
.timer $+ %m 1 %m invite $nick($chan,%m) %minvitechan | inc %m
.timer 1 30 unset %minvitechan


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montague   -  Aug 02, 2012
don't u need to add an ignore list for the ops & antispambots in a channel?
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