My Perl 8ball

By [nas]peter on Apr 04, 2012

This is the Perl 8ball script. Works with the command line.

The script has been completely tested.


use strict ();
use warnings ();

my @eightball = ('NOES!','YES!','Without a doubt.','I doubt it','My sources say no.','My sources say yes.','Don\'t count on it.','Get a bath before asking me, damn you smell bad...','Are you out of your mind?','Pay me $20 up front','Lets see it from a psychological point of view...','What kind of crap are you talking about?','Why do you think I know everything?','I don\'t have the time for stupid questions, I am working on myself... Yes I can type with 1 hand...','It\'s your dream, not mine.');

print "Please type your question.\n";
my $var = <STDIN>;

my $Random = int(rand(scalar(@eightball)));
print $eightball[$Random]."\n";


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