Rainbow Text (Including reversed text)

By Abcdefmonkey on Mar 27, 2012


Okay, I know I've probably posted this in a comment helping someone else on here pertaining to some rainbow text snippet. I made this around a year ago? Maybe? I don't really remember. It's been a while. However, I felt the need to just post it as a snippet myself that way people can find it. It includes right click options on mIRC to enable or disable each feature.

Features include Rainbow text only, reversed text only, or both options at the same time. :D

Note: You do NOT have to disable previous options to enable a new one. It automatically disables the previous option for you. :) However, you do have to disable the current option to use default text.

menu channel,status,nicklist {
  Default Output
  ..On: set %rbow true | set %reverse false | set %rainverse false | echo 9 Rainbow text is now enabled
  ..Off: set %rbow false | echo 4 Rainbow text is now disabled
  ..On: set %reverse true | set %rbow false | set %rainverse false | echo 9 Reverse text is now enabled
  ..Off: set %reverse false | echo 4 Reverse text is now disabled
  ..On: set %rainverse true | set %rbow false | set %reverse false | echo 9 Both options are now enabled
  ..Off: set %rainverse false | echo 4 Both options are now disabled
on *:INPUT:#:{
  if ($left($1,1) != /) {
        msg $active $iif(%rbow == true,$rainbow($1-),$iif(%reverse == true,$rev($1-),$iif(%rainverse == true,$rainbow($rev($1-)),$1-)))

alias -l nextcolor { 
  if ($$1 == 04) return 07
  elseif ($$1 == 07) return 08
  elseif ($$1 == 08) return 09
  elseif ($$1 == 09) return 11
  elseif ($$1 == 11) return 12
  elseif ($$1 == 12) return 02
  elseif ($$1 == 02) return 06
  elseif ($$1 == 06) return 13
  elseif ($$1 == 13) return 04
alias -l rainbow {
  var %pos = 1, %color = 04, %result = $chr(3)
  while (%pos <= $len($1-)) {
    %result = %result $+ %color $+ $mid($1-,%pos,1) $+ $chr(3)
    inc %pos
    %color = $nextcolor(%color)
  if ($isid) return %result
  else say %result

alias -l rev {
  var %len = $len($1-)
  var %return = $null
  while (%len > 0) {
    var %return = %return $+ $mid($1-,%len,1) $+ $chr(32)
    dec %len
  return %return


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Abcdefmonkey   -  Mar 27, 2012

-.- lol

Phil_FW   -  Mar 27, 2012

Lol sunnyD

Sorasyn   -  Mar 27, 2012

Yuck, Kaspersky. D:

Phil_FW   -  Mar 27, 2012

Oh well :P no law says the comments HAVE to be about the snippet

Abcdefmonkey   -  Mar 27, 2012

Anyways, back to the snippet. xD Lots of off topic stuff here XD

Post snippet
Talks about my OS

Lolol :P And yeh tpb <3

Phil_FW   -  Mar 27, 2012

Yeah thats true. but I upgraded form Home Premium anyway xD Thats why I love TPB and FW so much :P Torrents ftw.

Abcdefmonkey   -  Mar 27, 2012

Well, there's no difference between Enterprise and Ultimate anyways. So I went with the custom built Windows 7 Infinium :P Only difference between Enterprise and Ultimate is that Enterprise requires a volume license to activate. xD

Phil_FW   -  Mar 27, 2012

I got the ultimate edition. No fair. lol, Ultimate should come with all that

Abcdefmonkey   -  Mar 27, 2012

Erm. It's actually a theme that came preinstalled (as well as over 100 more) with the custom Windows 7 OS I have. The theme itself is called "Windows Phone 7". The OS is Windows 7 Infinium. It's just a custom built OS from the Enterprise Edition of Windows 7. Comes preloaded with a ton of stuff. :S

Here's another screenshot for your liking. xD -- http://i.imgur.com/2OEyK.png

Phil_FW   -  Mar 27, 2012

What I wanna know, is what theme are you using for your OS. Because I like how the dropdown menu looks. lol

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