Alias Warn v2.0

By on Feb 24, 2004

; Alias Warn by <>
; Put this script in your aliases. To use it, just
; type /warn <nick> <reason>. It will kick them,
; and after 50 minutes, it should reset the variable
; with the user's warnings in it.
; After 10 warnings it will kick them. If you shall
; have any questions, feel free to contact me using
; the comments system, or my e-mail address
; (
; A thanks goes to sailoreagle for telling me why the
; -k didn't work in mIRC v6.03, then I updated it to
; -u and did /.timer. Works with probably any version
; of mIRC.
; Removed /.timer in the script, because if they're not
; in the channel -- how are you going to kick them. Use
; this script instead of the old script.
; If the warnings are 10 or more, then they're banned,
; that's one thing I edited in this version, too.
alias warn {
  inc -u3000 $+(%,$1,warnings)
  kick $chan $1 Warning $eval($+(%,$1,warnings),2) (Reason: $2- $+ )
  if ($($+(%,$1,warnings),2) >= 10) {
    ban -u3000 $chan $1 3


Sign in to comment.   -  Feb 28, 2004

Make sure you have remote on (/remote on). If that doesn\'t work, I don\'t know what to tell you.

DeViL   -  Feb 27, 2004

its not working on mIRC 6.12 { >>> WARN unknown command }

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