Domain WHOIS Script - v1 - [BOTS]

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Mar 11, 2012
Updated  Mar 11, 2012
This script simply allows you to WHOIS a domain via "@whois" in a channel, the whois results are then queried to the user who typed the command.

Current Features:
- Supports redirects to other WHOIS Servers.

- Create the file 'whois.ini' and paste the contents of into it.

Follow the requirements (above) and simply load the script and its ready to go!

CAUTION! - This script is VERY spammy due to WHOIS Server TOS' this cannot be directly helped and could encourage users to spam you or the IRCD to disconnect you.

Known Bugs:
- Can only whois one domain at a time you must wait till the domain has been whois'd before requesting another whois due to the laziness of variables.
- Some whois servers have to be queried differently to get the correct results so you could end up with completely different results than what you expected.
- If a domain does not exist nothing happens and the socket will most likely time out.

The TLD list was obtained from
The WHOIS Server explanation can be found here:

Leave your comments below! ; Domain whois script. For bots.

; Script by Thomas Edwards (2012)
; Feel free to use this snippet anywhere and to modify it yourself
; Please leave any credit for the orignal code if you use any of it.

on 1:TEXT:@whois*:#:{
if ($2 == $null) {
msg # Syntax: @whois
else {
set %domain $2
set %tld $right($2,$calc(0 - $pos($2,.,$count($2,.))))
set %dest $nick
set %channel
sockopen whois $+ $rand(1,99) $readini(whois.ini,tld,%tld) 43
msg # WHOIS Lookup on: $2 - TLD: %tld - WHOIS Server: $readini(whois.ini,tld,%tld) - The WHOIS WILL be pm'd to $nick
on 1:sockopen:whois*:{
sockwrite $sockname %domain $+ $crlf
on 1:sockread:whois*:{
var %read
sockread %read
tokenize 32 %read
if ($1 == Whois && $2 == Server:) {
msg %dest 4[WHOIS] WHOIS Redirect. Redirecting to $3-
whois_redir $3 %domain %dest
sockclose $sockname
else {
msg %dest 3[WHOIS] %read
on 1:sockclose:whois*:{
msg %dest 4[WHOIS] WHOIS END. Script by Thomas Edwards.
unset %domain %dest %channel %tld
alias whois_redir {
; $1 = whois Server
; $2 = Domain Name
set %domain $2
set %dest $3
sockopen whois $+ $rand(0,99) $1 43


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gasak   -  Jan 20, 2013
* /sockopen: insufficient parameters (line 16, remote.ini)
Wader   -  Mar 12, 2012
Why not just filter out key information rather than sending the whole reply to the user, most of which is usually irrelevant information or formatting
GrimReaper   -  Mar 12, 2012
Look's good, Will have to test it out when I can be bothered to load my mIRC bot up.. One suggestion would be to add Flood Protection to stop possible "spamming" of the trigger, Thus causing you to Disconnect.

Only a suggestion tho. ;)
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