Invite Message

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Feb 15, 2012
Updated  Feb 15, 2012
It will join your channel and message it with the Nick who invited the Bot.Please comment on this script.
on *:INVITE:#: { join $chan |
.msg $chan 0,105Hello Im now assigned to $chan . I was invited by $nick $+ .I hope you will like me :p.


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Wader   -  Feb 24, 2012
This is a very basic one, should cover what you need tho :) Unforunatly you cant check if a nick isop without joining the channel. The reason the check is on a timer is because the IAL isnt updated until the join event ends, so if you check if $nick isop before the join event has ended it wont see them as an op.

Area_51   -  Feb 24, 2012
Mmm,i already know the problem.Best thing is if only ops can invite it,didnt find a way to do that...
If someone can help me it would be rlly nice. :)
Wader   -  Feb 16, 2012
@thegingon. That wouldnt work seeing as to check if $nick isop $chan you need to be on the channel.

I see now that its for a bot, so with some spam protection and a couple of other bells and whistles it would be good to have auto-join on invite.
blackvenomm666   -  Feb 16, 2012
thats still not a good idea thegingon. what he should do is set an access list where he can add people to it to allow certain people to invite the bot places.
thegingon   -  Feb 16, 2012
area_51 if u use this script for funtime :(

i think u need to do if ($nick isop $chan) { join $chan }
Aha2Y   -  Feb 16, 2012
What blackvenomm666 say'd.
I hate Auto join on invite scripts since once a day i was in 5000+ channels (Some kids found i had the script)
Wader   -  Feb 15, 2012
Should never have auto-join on invite, unless you have some sort of whitelist system. Just open to so much abuse.
blackvenomm666   -  Feb 15, 2012
bad thing about this is someone can abuse it and flood you/the bot off with invites. or just invite it to a bunch of bs channels
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