By Area_51 on Feb 15, 2012

If you know the bmotion Bots who talk like a human you probably will know the commahd !taunt. It can be used to spam cuz the bots will repeat what you typed - means if you have more than 1 bmotion Bot in a Channel.This Script will set +m for a few seconds that the bots can't repeat theirself.

It's my first Code Snippet on mIRC,please send me some comments if you find some bugs.
Find me at on #funtime :D

on *:text:!taunt *:#:{
  .mode $chan +m
  .timer 1 5 { mode # -m | .msg $chan 0,105Stop using !taunt,it spams this Channel. If you do it again the Opers will probably ban you.


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Area_51   -  Feb 16, 2012

Yes,I have 3 bmotion Bots on #funtime ,if one gets kicked the other can say again.And they rejoin fast...
Badwords won't work.

Jordyk19   -  Feb 16, 2012

Just /bs badwords #channel add tount single ;)

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