Auto kick on ban

By xDaeMoN on Apr 11, 2005

This will auto kick users in the channel who's address matches the banmask. Copy/paste to your remotes section ( ALT-R -> FILE -> NEW )

on @*:BAN:#: {
  var %i = 1
  while ($ialchan($banmask,#,%i).nick) {
    if ( $v1 != $me ) kick # $v1 Banned!
    inc %i

on me:*:JOIN:#: who $chan


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Bullet_Dodger   -  Sep 30, 2008

Very Useless seeing as this would exclude your kick messages....

Hawkee   -  Sep 15, 2008

Yo x, good to see you!

xDaeMoN   -  Sep 15, 2008

Sorry for the late reply. This usually happens when another nick/bot has already kicked the nick-to-be-kick-banned at the same time. Try using ".kick" instead of just "kick" for the command. Not sure if that would prevent on seeing that message though.

Lingo   -  Aug 15, 2008

every time some one ban this hapend on my status-> Banned! No such nick/channel <- can some one help wich this ..

xDaeMoN   -  May 18, 2005

Yes, that would be right Chaz. I assumed that the IAL is updated. Added the on join event.

Chaz   -  May 10, 2005

it wont work if the address isnt in your ial, add an on join function with who #chan

brottor   -  Apr 21, 2005

!= $me --means NOT YOU, not, you

Yoinx   -  Apr 21, 2005

silverwolf, $v1 returns the match for the if statement, there cant me a match if $v1 is your nick, as it doesnt meet the if.

SilverWolf   -  Apr 21, 2005

($v1 != $me) kick # $v1 Banned.. doesnt that kick out yourself?!

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