By Carnage on Feb 23, 2004

Just type in lol and such. Add your own and change the colours as you please.

;Simple Acronyms;
on *:Input:*:{
  if (/* iswm $1-) { $1- | halt }
  ;If you use a command, ie: /ns identify password it will continue.
  if ($1 == lol) { say 12L14aughing 12O14ut 12L14oud $2- | halt }
  if ($1 == hi) { say 12H14i $2- | halt }
  if ($1 == brb) { say 12B14e 12R14ight 12B14ack $2- | halt }
  if ($1 == bye) { say 12B14ye $2- | halt }
  if ($1 == g2g) { say 12G14ot 12T14o 12G14o $2- | halt }
  if ($1 ison $chan) { say 12(14 $+ $1 $+ 12)14 $2- | halt }
  ;If the first word is a nick on the channel it will procede.


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Carnage   -  Feb 27, 2004

oh ffs. this is a BASIC acro snippet. its not sposed to be advanced.

tye   -  Feb 26, 2004

ON INPUT doesn\'t necessarily trigger on the active window. You can do something like \'editbox #chan message $crlf\'. That will trigger the ON INPUT event but it will not send it to #channel. Don\'t say that people do not use scripts like that becaus I use a script like that and I have made scripts for people that do that. You should use \'msg $target $1-\'.

Carnage   -  Feb 26, 2004

and you typed it in the active. its an instant command. use /msg $active or /msg $chan to your liking and stop bitching. its just a basic code.

Carnage   -  Feb 26, 2004

Okay. I\'ll break it down for you. /say will send to the active

CRadle_of_filth   -  Feb 26, 2004

The Say Command does work on it

tye   -  Feb 25, 2004

/say will work in certain remotes. /say sends text to the active window. It should not be used since you do not know whether or not the active window is the window the event was triggered for.

X-FILE   -  Feb 25, 2004

Just a question , where did you learn /say works in remote scripts?

Carnage   -  Feb 25, 2004

heh. it works in mine and should work in yours but if it doesnt just change it to msg $active

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