!Time (PST)

By *iGhostScripts* on Jan 13, 2012

shows the time.



                                                           **REMOVE EXTRA SPACE**     

on *:text:!time:#:{ describe $chan 4The time is $time  }


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hixxy   -  Jan 15, 2012

I don't use the date and time identifiers very often, I thought $gmt returned a value in a hh:nn:ss format but I see now it doesn't :P I tested it by changing the date of my PC to 26/3/12 (day after the clocks go forward an hour here) and it returned the correct value, but I've just realised it didn't change the time automatically when I did it that way, so yeah you don't need $daylight :P

A simple:

alias pst { return $asctime($calc($gmt - (8 * 86400)),hh:nn:ss) }

Will do :P


jaytea   -  Jan 15, 2012
  • jaytea slaps hixxy

you want "$gmt" in place of "$ctime($date $gmt)" :P

and isn't PST always GMT -8? you shouldn't be adding $daylight there since $gmt is unaffected by daylight savings. btw, good to see you around :*

hixxy   -  Jan 15, 2012

alias pst { return $asctime($calc($ctime($date $gmt) - (8 * 84600) + $daylight),hh:nn:ss) }

This will return the time in PST.

Known   -  Jan 14, 2012

If you want to show specific times you should learn to use $asctime then instead of using $time (dependent on the timezone of the person's computer rather then just a standardized time).

*iGhostScripts*   -  Jan 14, 2012

Yeah, my friends is a different one too

Abcdefmonkey   -  Jan 14, 2012

I love how you have (PST) in parenthesis, when using just $time returns the time of the machine mIRC is currently running on. It may be PST for you, but for others it could be something else. Example: $time would return 10:16:50 for me and I'm EST. :p

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