Simple Clone Scanner ON JOIN

By PoiXon on Apr 11, 2005

when someone joins a channel and its a clone it will notify you in that channel

on *:join:#: {
  set %a 1
  while ($nick(#,%a)) {
    inc %a
    if ($nick(#,%a) != $nick) {
      if ($address($nick,3) iswm $address($nick(#,%a),3)) {
        echo $chan 4CLONE:2 $address($nick(#,%a),5) (12 $nick(#,%a) 2) And $address($nick,5) (12 $nick 2)


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sk68   -  Aug 05, 2009

why do you need it any other time than on join? if the clone scanner doesnt detect the address when they join, its not going to randomly decide that its a clone while theyre in the channel

Joshuaxiong1   -  Oct 08, 2007

Hey rabbit teeth! I gonna boot your teeth out. Oh yeah this script is good although is only on join. Unlike that dude on the top tye. It on join, anytime, and kb.

ATC   -  Aug 04, 2007


[DX]   -  Jan 21, 2007


Relinsquish   -  Apr 11, 2005

Instead of looping through each nickname in the channel which is redundant, you can use $ialchan($wildsite,#,%a). You should make the setting of %a a local variable, and the else { halt } is not needed.

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