Platform:  mIRC
Published  Dec 31, 2011
Updated  Jan 01, 2012
just like smack but a little different


!Slap *******************************************************MADE BY *IGHOSTSCRIPTS*********************************
on *:text:!slap*:#:{ describe $chan 9 Slaps $2  }


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Jethro   -  Jan 18, 2012
You can also use the deprecated command: /action <msg> interchangeably with /me <msg>
Please note that to apply action to a channel or nickname, you MUST use: /describe <nick|channel> <message>
napa182   -  Jan 18, 2012
what is describe?

it is an action like /me

um from the help file:
/describe <nick|channel> <message>

Sends an action to the specified nickname or channel, the same as the /me command, except that /me is used while in a query or channel window so you do not need to specify the target when using it.
DFSFOT   -  Jan 18, 2012
what is describe?
napa182   -  Jan 05, 2012
WorldDMT   -  Jan 03, 2012
lol ok :D
Jethro   -  Jan 02, 2012
lol WorldDMT, that avatar I'm using now is from a movie called "despicable me." It's a minion. :P
WorldDMT   -  Jan 02, 2012
hehehe jethro what's that new profile pic :D
Jethro   -  Jan 01, 2012
Je vous vois, mon camarade fran├žais. ;)
WorldDMT   -  Jan 01, 2012
flood detected ;)
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