Auto Join on Kick

By LuminolBlue on Dec 20, 2011

Most, if not all, IRC clients have a "auto join on kick" option, but the purpose of this snippet is to delay the auto join using a timer. Some channels have a bot that will ban those that auto join after being kicked; I've been on such a channel. :-)

; LuminolBlue's Auto Join On Kick with a Timer
; Feel free to remove these comments and modify the script.

on *:kick:#:{
  if ($knick == $me) {
    .timer 1 10 .join #


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Kilim   -  Jun 11, 2012

This is actually great. I run my bot while sleeping so when someone uses him for spam he gets kickbanned, then unbanned so his auto rejoin feature is useless. Now I don't have to constantly check :D

blackvenomm666   -  Jan 17, 2012

no it can't gtaxl. there is no timer.

GTAXL   -  Jan 17, 2012

mIRC can already do this. It's called, look in your mIRC options.

Jethro   -  Dec 20, 2011

Then the built-in option "auto join on kick" should be unchecked when you run this snippet. Or I suppose prefix the ^ by the kick event to set it as a priority.

blackvenomm666   -  Dec 20, 2011

it exists in mirc with a timer function to keep you from rejoining too quickly? i've run into the trouble where the bot auto bans you if you rejoin after a kick too quick

WorldDMT   -  Dec 20, 2011

no need to this code cz it already exist in mIRC

LuminolBlue   -  Dec 20, 2011

Jethro, then you're in big trouble. :P

Jethro   -  Dec 20, 2011

What if you are on blacklist or banned?

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