Say Commands

By on Feb 22, 2004

This is a little snippet to put in your aliases where you can say a command (/command!) and /msg it to the channel you are currently on, and it should show as /command. It can be useless at most times, though.

/echo! /msg $chan /echo $1-
/say! /msg $chan /say $1-
/me! /msg $chan /me $1-
/server! /msg $chan /server $1-
/raw! /msg $chan /raw $1-
/run! /msg $chan /run $1-


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Bobbtyisdead   -  Aug 17, 2004

no $1 is the first argument (it would be a nickname in a popup tho)

LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Apr 07, 2004

However if you are using it in a ctcp command, then it IS the nick, because the first thing after the /ctcp command is the nick of the person to ctcp :D

LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Apr 07, 2004

Actually you are mistaken, oX; $1 means the first thing they type after the command.

tye   -  Feb 23, 2004

If you want to send a command to a window just type the command and press Ctrl+Enter. You should also use msg $active so it will work in query windows too.

oX   -  Feb 23, 2004

First it wouldnt be $1 it would be $2-..$1- is an identifier for a nickname if im not mistaken =\

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