OpMe, DopMe, VMe and DevMe aliases

By Protheus on Nov 21, 2011

syntax: /opme
must have access on channel.
paste to new remotes.

alias opme {
mode $active +o $me

alias dopme {
mode $active -o $me

alias vme {
mode $active +v $me

alias devme {
mode $active -v $me


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Jethro   -  Nov 25, 2011

I presume people who use it already have the proper status. :P You get an error when trying to give another person a mode without the privilege. Incidentally, though, it's an alias; you shall know your place.

Savage_CL   -  Nov 25, 2011

Jethro that wouldn't work unless you already had +a or +q or were an IRCop....

Jethro   -  Nov 21, 2011
alias mm mode $active $replace($$1,op,+o,deop,-o,v,+v,dv,-v) $me
Protheus   -  Nov 21, 2011

hmm. nice. never thought of that. thanks.

Frenetic   -  Nov 21, 2011

You could do it like so;

Alias Mm { 
if ($1 == op) mode $active +o $me
if ($1 == deop) mode $active -o $me
if ($1 == v) mode $active +v $me
if ($1 == dv) mode $active -v $me

/mm op, deop, v, dv

blackvenomm666   -  Nov 21, 2011

you don't need the /'s in the code. just an fyi

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