By dezzertv on Oct 26, 2011

just a little example code

useful for playing around :)

public version

on *:text:!example *:#: { msg  $chan  $nick has given $2 item-name! }

moderators only

on *:text:!example *:#: {
  if ($nick isop #) {
  msg  $chan  $nick has given $2 item-name! }


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baloe12nl   -  Jun 15, 2012


on 5:TEXT:!example*:#: /msg # give ats.

will this work?

Jethro   -  Oct 27, 2011

on :text:!example :#: {Leave a space between the trigger and the asterisk symbol to indicate that the $2 must be supplied before the text event responds. Without the space, people can simply enter !example without $2, and the code will send the channel a message with the value of $2 missing.

Fuzionx   -  Oct 27, 2011

You have 1 bracket too much at both ON TEXT events.

dezzertv   -  Oct 27, 2011

nah jetho i gave 2 choices before public is if they wanted everyone to use it and $nick isop # if they wanted op's / mods only

Jethro   -  Oct 26, 2011

Combine them:

on *:text:!example *:#:{
if ($nick isop #) {
msg # item for op to give
else {
msg # item for others to give.

Edit - made an miscalculation earlier.

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