Auto Identification

By on Feb 22, 2004

After seeing that other one, not to be rude, but I just made one that works on the networks like UnderNet who don't have services (except for X).

; Auto Identification by <>
; This will automatically identify to your account
; on a network with NickServ, or a network with X.
  ; Set variables here:
  %undernet.username = <put your UnderNet user here>
  %undernet.pass = <put your UnderNet pass here>
  %ns.pass = <put your NS pass here>
  if ($network == UnderNet) {
    msg X LOGIN %undernet.username %undernet.pass
  elseif ($network == DALnet) {
    msg IDENTIFY %ns.pass
  else {
    nickserv IDENTIFY %ns.pass


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sailoreagle   -  Mar 04, 2004

yup, especially if you use different password on each network you go on. also, IIRC, you can\'t do /msg X LOGIN to login ... you need to do /msg LOGIN.

acidoklysm   -  Mar 02, 2004

its a lot easier to just put \'nickserv identify password\' in the \"perform on\" box.

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