Badwords detection engine

By Someus on Oct 15, 2011


I was looking for badwords engine but couldnt find just engine snippet of badwords! So i made it for you! :) This is very very simple badwords detection engine! Engine uses text file to compare users entered text! If badword matches then... well your choice :) This is just a core! You can improve it! :) All you have to do is to create a text file called badwords.txt. In every line add a single badword! Thats it!

;On text entry variable saves entered text and
;passes it to alias engine to check if it is bad word!
on *:TEXT:*:#: { 
  set %text $1-
  set %s 1
;Checks if it is bad word using while loop as 
;many times as lines containing badwords in your text file
alias badword {
;Looks how many lines is in your text file
  set %lines $lines(badwords.txt)
  while ( %s <= %lines ) {
    if ($read(badwords.txt, %s ) isin %text ) {
      ; You command here :) For example:  msg # Jesus don`t like your language $nick ! :)
      unset %s
    else inc %s


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Jethro   -  Oct 16, 2011

Frenetic, a little socket script can be written to fetch that list.txt page at that link you've posted and match the bad words. :P Then that'll make it a good socket kicker. ^^

Someus   -  Oct 16, 2011

Thanks for suggestions :) Thanks for list of badwords Frenetic :)

gooshie   -  Oct 15, 2011

Thanks for that list. Now I can script a word replace.
(Actually already did that long ago, lol.)

Jethro   -  Oct 15, 2011

A quick workaround is to add the -l switch after the /set command as: set -l %variables
The -l switch is interchangeable with the /var command. The only difference is that with /var you can separate one variable after another with a comma; they both treat a variable as local.

Firstmate   -  Oct 15, 2011

A couple of things, the major being removing all these global variables.

You can do that with something like:

on *:TEXT:*:#: { 
  badword $1-

And later use it as such in the alias like:

alias badword {
;Looks how many lines is in your text file
  var %lines $lines(badwords.txt)
  var %s 1
  while ( %s <= %lines ) {
    if ($read(badwords.txt, %s ) isin $1-) {
    ;....continue code

What I'm really trying to suggest is your usage of global versus local variables (/set versus /var).

Hope that helps!

Jethro   -  Oct 15, 2011

If this is only for one event, you can save yourself an alias. Why all the global variables and the else statement? This is a lot cleaner and easier to look at:

on *:TEXT:*:#:{ 
  var %s = 1, %f = badwords.txt
  while (%s <= $lines(%f)) {
    if ($read(%f,n,%s) isin $1-) {
      ; your command here
    inc %s
NoStRuM  -  Jan 02, 2014

There may be one that also has a message tag before the ban, for example to read the line. Txt and that if a usuer types a lienea him a warning and if you type another line badword.txt him one last warning before the bankick.
Thank you in advance and happy new year
P.D: Written from the google translator.

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alabama   -  Oct 15, 2011



Frenetic   -  Oct 15, 2011

One second, adding a link to a list of "bad" words.

Okay you can download it by right clicking > save as/save link as > blah:

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