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By Sensui on Apr 01, 2005

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You can use this to write text in alphabetical order to a file.
It is very important the file you are writing to is empty or already sorted!



Always add the "" !!!! If not, it will not work.

Before starting, make a file chr.txt and put it in the same directory as the script


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Relinsquish   -  Apr 02, 2005

I see. Good work then. :)

Sensui   -  Apr 02, 2005

of course you can use filter, but the chr.txt file makes it possible to sort any way you wants, like numbers higher than letters, etc

LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Apr 01, 2005

Lol @Relinsquish ... don\'t worry Sensui, been there done that before ;)

Relinsquish   -  Apr 01, 2005

alias sortwrite { write $1- | filter -ffct 1 32 $1 $1 } - Good effort though.

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