Alias Warn

By on Feb 22, 2004

This is a little /warn snippet that I am using right now, and it works with mIRC v6.03, because I've used -u instead of -ku. After 10 warnings, the script bans them for 50 minutes, and then kicks them after 3 seconds. Thanks to sailoreagle for telling me why the -k doesn't work.

; Alias Warn by <>
; Put this script in your aliases. To use it, just
; type /warn <nick> <reason>. It will kick them,
; and after 50 minutes, it should reset the variable
; with the user's warnings in it.
; After 10 warnings it will kick them. If you shall
; have any questions, feel free to contact me using
; the comments system, or my e-mail address
; (
; A thanks goes to sailoreagle for telling me why the
; -k didn't work in mIRC v6.03, then I updated it to
; -u and did /.timer. Works with probably any version
; of mIRC.
alias warn {
  inc -u3000 $+(%,$1,warnings)
  kick $chan $1 Warning $eval($+(%,$1,warnings),2) (Reason: $2- $+ )
  if ($($+(%,$1,warnings),2) > 10) {
    ban -u3000 $chan $1 3
    .timer 1 3 kick $chan $nick 10th warning -- please follow rules!


Sign in to comment.   -  Feb 24, 2004

I\'ll actually submit an updated version of this, because it hasn\'t been updated.

 Respond   -  Feb 24, 2004

oX, warn { and alias warn { should do the same thing, except you can\'t use /warn while you\'re not in a channel, because it detects the channel with the $chan identifier.

oX   -  Feb 23, 2004


 Respond   -  Feb 22, 2004

Well, I used it but I haven\'t gotten up to /.timer, how am I going to kick if they\'re not in the channel. I\'ll private message Hawkee and ask them to please take it out.

 Respond   -  Feb 22, 2004

I do not see any problems with this snippet if you encounter them, and if you do, please tell me about them. I\'m currently using this same snippet at this time, which it is working for me, as I have tested the warning function, the banning function, and everything.

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