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By Jethro on Sep 11, 2011

This is an old request by a member named b0sse that I've taken notice of just now. He said that it didn't work anymore, so I figured I'd give it a fix and modification of my own to make it functional again. The self-explanatory command is:

!twitter <HisOrHerTwitterAccountNameHere>

This script works for both channel and PM. There'll be a 4-second trigger flood control delay for each person who initiates it.> !twitter Hawkee

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally got email notifications to keep you in the loop about new comments and likes. ```mirc on $*:sockopen:/^twitter.*\d+/:{ if ($sockerr) { $token($sock($sockname).mark,2-3,32) $& $+($chr(2),Error:,$chr(2)) Connection Problem! sockclose $sockname } sockwrite -nt $sockname GET $+($token($sock($sockname).mark,4,32),$& $token($sock($sockname).mark,1,32)) HTTP/1.0 sockwrite -nt $sockname Connection: close sockwrite -nt $sockname $+(,$str($crlf,2)) } on $*:sockread:/^twitter.*\d+/:{ if ($sockerr) { $token($sock($sockname).mark,2-3,32) $& $+($chr(2),Error:,$chr(2)) Problem Fetching Info! sockclose $sockname } var %t_temp | sockread %t_temp if (not authorized isin %t_temp) { $token($sock($sockname).mark,2-3,32) $+($chr(2),Error:,$chr(2)) $& This account is protected. Only approved followers can view it. } elseif (not found isin %t_temp) { $token($sock($sockname).mark,2-3,32) $+($chr(2),Error:,$chr(2)) $& I cannot find that user on Twitter! | sockclose $sockname | halt } if ($regex(%t_temp,/(?s)(\s*\K.+?(?=\s*)<\/text>)/i)) { $token($sock($sockname).mark,2-3,32) $& $regsubex($left($replace($regml(1),","),-7),/(\d+);/g,$chr(\1)) sockclose $sockname } } on *:text:$($iif(!twitter * iswm $strip($1),$1)):*:{ .ignore -cpu2 $nick 2 | var %twitter = $+(twitter,$site,$network,$right($ticks,3)) sockopen %twitter 80 sockmark %twitter $strip($2) msg $iif(#,#,$nick) /statuses/user_timeline.xml?screen_name= } ```


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imperialturkey   -  Oct 26, 2012

hey i wrote that:
on :CONNECT:/timer1 -o 0 86400 //echo -a $!date $!time $!day
:DISCONNECT:/beep 1 1 | /timer1 -o 2 1 //echo -a $day $time $date

imperialturkey   -  Oct 26, 2012

brah brah brah brahgawk

imperialturkey   -  Oct 26, 2012

why doesn't anybody say anything?

imperialturkey   -  Oct 18, 2012

doesn't work anymore ..returns cannot find that user :(

^WeSt   -  Oct 10, 2011

Nice, good job!

Stewie1k94   -  Oct 10, 2011

Nice script :)

Jethro   -  Oct 10, 2011

I missed adding that. I've updated the code. Thanks.

_Dean_   -  Oct 10, 2011

its cause the regsubex match is like this


Jethro already know, but my advice is use

^WeSt   -  Oct 10, 2011

Well the output now is more better but still is incorrect! , the ; characters must not be in the text!

Dailymotion - 'Ο;τ;α;ν; έ;ν;α;ς; Έ;λ;λ;η;ν;α;ς; τ;ο;υ;ς; έ;κ;α;ν;ε; ό;λ;ο;υ;ς; ν;α; χ;ο;ρ;ε;ύ; via @Dailymotion

Jethro   -  Oct 09, 2011

Dear Hawkee members, I have updated the script to include the error checks and fixed the ASCII code problem as ^WeSt and Dean mentioned. I supposed I should have taken the time to make the script better rather than just submit it without putting much of a consideration.

^WeSt   -  Oct 09, 2011

I used it and the result was : Dailymotion - 'Οταν ένας Έλληνας τους έκανε όλους να χορεύ via @Dailymotion

_Dean_   -  Sep 11, 2011

1 -for those who use Twitter, knows that somedays it is with "over capacity", and it always return errors, on your script, i didnt see any error message for when that happens

2 - there is no message, returining that you've typed the wrong name, or that name doesnt exist on Twitter, if you type a wrong name, it wont return nothing

3 - posts with special characters will only return number;


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