MySQL Live Status 1.00 STABLE (MBC Base)

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Sep 08, 2011
Updated  Sep 08, 2011

This is a module for MySQL Bot Core system.
You'll need in case for this to work.

PHP Side for this script:

MySQL Database Structure:
; MySQL Bot Core
; Module: Live Status
; Version: 1.00 STABLE
; Author: Nils Putnins (

; - aliases
alias -l m.activity.status return $replace($left($nick($1,$2).pnick,1),~,5,&,4,@,3,$chr(37),2,+,1)
alias -l m.activity {
if ($prop == sync) {
var %sql = DELETE FROM `chanstatus` | noop $mysql_query(%m.sql, %sql)
var %sql = INSERT INTO `chanstatus` (`channel`,`nickname`,`status`,`idle`,`address`) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
var %channels = $chan(0)
while %channels {
var %channel = $chan(%channels), %users = $nick(%channel,0)
while %users {
var %user = $nick(%channel,%users)
noop $mysql_query(%m.sql, %sql, %channel, %user, $m.activity.status(%channel,%user), $nick(%channel,%user).idle, $remove($address(%user,0),*!))
dec %users
dec %channels

; - communicating with core
on *:SIGNAL:m.modules:{
m.modules $+(Live Status,$chr(124),$chr(124),0)
noop $m.activity().sync


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