By BigSteve on Sep 02, 2011

this is an IP lookup script I created which was originally a mirc code :3
mirc one was thanks to Jethro_
note bot must have oper and must be in #services room
but you can change the #services to whatever you wish

package require http 2.4

bind join - "#yourmainchannelhere *" getJoin
bind RAW - 340 getIP
proc getIP { from keyword text } {
set index [string first "@" $text]
set pindex1 [string last ":" $text]
incr pindex1 1
set pindex2 [string last "=" $text]
incr pindex2 -1
set person [string range $text $pindex1 $pindex2]
incr index 1
set userIP [string range $text $index [string length $text] ]
set http [::http::geturl "http://www.ipligence.com/geolocation" \
        -query [::http::formatQuery "ip" $userIP] -timeout 9000]
set data [split [::http::data $http] \n] ; ::http::cleanup $http
for {set index [llength $data]} {$index >=0 } {incr index -1} {
if {[regexp {Your IP address is } [lindex $data $index] url] } {
set result ""
append result [lindex $data $index]
while {[string first "<" $result] != -1} {
        set idx1 [string first "<" $result]
        set idx2 [string first ">" $result]
        set result [string replace $result $idx1 $idx2 "   "]
set idx1 [string first "City" $result]
incr idx1 -1
set result [string replace $result 0 $idx1]
set idx2 [string first Time $result]
set result [string replace $result $idx2 [string length $result]]
set chanmsg "$person using IP address $userIP connection from: "
set chanmsg $chanmsg$result
putserv "Privmsg #services :\0034 $chanmsg"




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itskamel   -  Dec 16, 2011

any instructions on how to use this at all?

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