Guess the Flag Game

By Pangaea on Sep 01, 2011


script by Dani_l11 and Flags and game idea by pangaea

Well after alot of help from others I finally got something together here.
Guess the flag game, with over just under 110 flags

Aim of the game:
Once the game is started, the bot will msg a flag slowly into the channel.. the player(s) must /msg the bot the answer.
If someone guesses correctly, the game will award a point, and move onto the next flag randomly.
Thats it in a nutshell... its sorta beta,

Things to note..
You have to be oped to play the game
You get only 2 guesses
You can edit the timer in the script to make the game run slower or faster.
You might wanna +m +k the chan while playing

To install:
You will need to download this:
Then extract the folder in mirc .. so "mirc/flags/
Load the script below into remote

To Play
!startflag - this starts the game
!stopflag - this will stop the game

IRC Flag Game
script by Dani_l11 and Flags and game idea by pangaea

alias fchan return #yourchannel
on *:TEXT:!Startflag:#:{
  if ($nick !ishop #) && ($nick !isop #) halt
on *:TEXT:!Stopflag:#:{
  if ($nick !ishop #) && ($nick !isop #) halt
  if (%cflag) flagguess *nobody* stop
  .timerflag* off
alias giveflag {
  msg $fchan There will be a new flag which you can all guess! Only 2 attempts per person. To message it do !Flag Country in PM! /msg $me !Flag Country
  set %cflag $qt($findfile($mircdirflags,*.txt,$r(1,$findfile($mircdirFlags,*.txt,0))))
  .timerflag1 1 3  lineflag %cflag $(|) .timerflag 0 3 lineflag %cflag
alias lineflag {
  if (!%flagcounter) { inc %Flagcounter 2 | .timer 1 1 lineflag }
  else inc %Flagcounter
  if (%Flagcounter >= 16) { flagguess *nobody* | halt }
  msg $fchan $read(%cflag,%flagcounter) 
on *:TEXT:!Flag *:?:{
  if (!%Cflag) halt
  var %actrs = Afganistan|Argentina|Australia|Down under|Austria|Belgium|Benin|Brazil|Bulgaria|Cambodia|Canada|Chad|Chilie|China|Columbia|Costa rica|Croatia|Cuba|Denmark|Djibouti|Dominican republic|East timor|Egypt|England|Estonia|Ethiopia|European Union|Europe|Finland|France|Germany|Greece|Greenland|Hungary|Iceland|India|Indonesia|Iran|Iraq|Ireland|The emerald isle|Paddyland|Home sweet home|Israel|Italy|Jamaica|Japan|Kuwait|Laos|$&
    Latvia|Lebanon|Libya|Lithuania|Luxembourg|Madagascar|Malaysia|Malta|Mexico|Mongolia|Morocco|Nepal|Netherlands|Holland|The Netherlands|New zeland|Nicaragua|Niger|Nigeria|North korea|Norway|Pakistan|Palestine|Panama|Peru|Philippines|The philippines|Poland|Puerto rico|Qatar|Romania|Russia|Rwanda|South africa|Samoa|Saudi arabia|Scotland|Senegal|Sierra leone|Singapore|South korea|Somalia|Spain|Sri lanka|Sudan|$&
    Suriname|Sweden|Switzerland|Taiwan|Tanzania|Thailand|Tibet|Tonga|Tunisia|Turkey|Uae|United Arab Emirates|Uganda|United kingdom|Britain|Great Britain|UK|Ukraine|United nations|The United Nations|UN|Uraguay|Usa|United state of america|The united state of america|America|Venezuela|Vietnam|Yemen|Yugoslavia
  if (!$istok(%actrs,$2-,124)) { msg $nick That's not a valid country! | halt }
  if (%flagcounter [ $+ [ $nick ] ] >= 2) halt
  inc %flagcounter [ $+ [ $nick ] ]
  if ($istok($read(%cflag,1),$2-,124)) { flagguess $nick | msg $nick You've got it! }
  else msg $nick That answer is not correct!
alias flagguess {
  if ($1 == *Nobody*) msg $fchan Nobody guessed the correct flag! It was $gettok($read(%cflag,1),1,124) $+ .
  else {
    writeini flags.ini score $1 $calc($readini(flags.ini,score,$1) + 1)
    msg $fchan $1 guessed the correct flag! It was $gettok($read(%cflag,1),1,124) $+ . Score of $1 $+ : $readini(flags.ini,score,$1)
  unset %flagcounter* 
  if ($2 != stop) .timerflag2 1 5 giveflag 
  .timerflag off
  unset %cflag


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blackvenomm666   -  Dec 07, 2016

i remember playing this one a while back was hoping to get it again but the link you have for the file needed to be downloaded doesn''t work anymore:(

Arshad-Rehman   -  Nov 17, 2013

Dear Pangaea ,
can u tell me how can i add it on my Chat Room?
thankxx :)

KilllerX  -  Nov 17, 2013

using mIRC press ALT(?) R and make it in a new file (so it is easier to edit later in life) and Copy this and paste it to the new file.

Pangaea  -  Feb 02, 2014

hi arshad,, i assumed you go this working in the end? sorry i have not been on the site in a while didnt see your comment

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DFSFOT   -  Jun 14, 2012

nice game :P
im not going to use it but maybe my friend wants for his channel ;)

Pangaea   -  Sep 01, 2011

you where in the script..
but i amended both script and description now

Dani_l11   -  Sep 01, 2011


Jethro   -  Sep 01, 2011

I'm pretty sure you can make a socket outta this.

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