/kk For kick ALISAS v.20

By Mtn64 on Jul 24, 2011

Slap it in Alisas and your good!
I was looking on mirc's help and heard about $?, So i got the idea.
This is my second Script? Snippet? I don't know what its called.
What this does is when you type /kk, It pops a message saying "Kick Who?"
Its set to $chan, so whatever chan you are on.

Version 1.00 (#1) Hello, Ill start updating i guess. For strings and other shortcuts, Maybe if "Voice, Halt" if i can do that. Don't know how atm, Thanks for comin!

Version 1.10 (#2) I'm back! I picked up the first Comment "Add another $ to /kk /kick $chan $?="Kick Who", Its now updated and ready to go
Version 1.20 (#2) Working for a Reason option.

/kk /kick $chan $$?="Kick who? And for reason?(leave space after the nick)"

;By joshua64
;Dont need to change $Chan, But if you want to change $chan to #chan (#chan being your chan)(note, this will
;only do one chan, $chan does more than one. Have fun! Enjoy! Bonjour!xD


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Jethro   -  Jul 25, 2011

Think of $chan as a noun, and you can't use noun as a verb, can you? When in doubt, read up on the double $$

/help $$

Burrito   -  Jul 25, 2011

If his is not used on a channel, will it not call an error?

Jethro   -  Jul 25, 2011

Burrito, what the heck are you smoking? lol

cofvempire   -  Jul 25, 2011

mtn64 u can do an alias in remote also like this:

alias kk {
 kick $chan $$?="Kick who?"

and then u can add it in a rightclickmenu:

menu nicklist,channel {

then ppl can choose to use /kk or rightclick in a channel or nicklist and select kickw (kick who)

Burrito   -  Jul 25, 2011

I believe using $$chan will make it where a channel must be active

Mtn64   -  Jul 25, 2011

oh. sorry. I'm mtn64, I just go by the name Joshua64 on most services. xP

Jethro   -  Jul 25, 2011

/kk /kick $chan $$?="Kick who?"Placing one extra $ so you don't get an error if you cancel out on kicking a nickname.

  • My bad. joshua64 is you then, hence the number 64.
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