Another Power Advertiser

By Savage_CL on Jul 14, 2011

This is a power advertiser I made. It lists Admin, Op, Halfop, and voice across all networks. It will also return the total networks, channels, and users you are currently interacting with.

I know this has been done before, but I decided to write my own, as I've always wanted one, and I hate using other's scripts.

So, Jethro_, please don't comment about how it has been done before, as I am well aware of this fact. I think i do it a little differently than most, though.

Please do, however, comment about anything else. Also, visit my website for my latest scripts and a qwebirc client that will bring you to my channel. Hope to see you there :)

alias mypower {
  set %power.n $scon(0)
  set %power.t 1
  set %power.c 0
  set %power.u 0
  set %power.~ 0
  set %power.@ 0
  set %power.% 0
  set %power.+ 0
  while (%power.t <= %power.n) {
    networkfun %power.t
    inc %power.t
  say 13MY POWER: $left($iif(%power.~,3Admin:7 $v1 |)   $iif(%power.@,3Op:7 $v1 |)  $iif(%power.%,3Half-Op:7 $v1 |)  $iif(%power.+,3voice:7 $v1 |),-1) 10Across4 $scon(0) 10networks in4 %power.c 10channels holding4 %power.u 10people!
  unset %power.?
alias -l networkfun {
  var %temp 1
  scon $$1
  inc %power.c $chan(0)
  while (%temp <= $chan(0)) {
    inc %power. $+ $iif($left($nick($chan(%temp),$me).pnick,1) != $left($me,1),$v1)
    inc %temp
    inc %power.u $nick($chan(%temp),0)


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