Weather script for Eggdrop

By RaZ on Jul 13, 2011

Weather script for Eggdrop

<iRoc> !weather Jessore
<iB0T> Jessore, Bangladesh: Haze Temperature: 28°C Feels Like: 34°C Wind(km/h): 7
package require http 2.4
bind pub -!- !weather weather
proc weather {nick uhost hand chan text} {
    set weather(page)
    set t [::http::geturl "$weather(page)$text" -timeout 30000]
    set data [::http::data $t]
    set text [lindex [split $text] 0] 
        ::http::cleanup $t

   set l [regexp -all -inline -- {<h1 id="locationName" class=".*?">(.*?)</h1>.*?<div id="curCond">(.*?)</div>.*?<div class="titleSubtle">Temperature</div>.*?<span class="nobr"><span class="b">(.*?)</span>(.*?)</span>.*?<span class="nobr"><span class="b">(.*?)</span>(.*?)</span>.*?<span id="windCompassSpeed" class=".*?" pwsid=".*?" pwsunit=".*?" pwsvariable=".*?" english="" metric="">(.*?)</span>} $data]

   foreach {black a b c d e f g} $l {

       set a [string trim $a " \n"]
       set b [string trim $b " \n"]
       set c [string trim $c " \n"]
       set d [string trim [string map {{&deg;} {} {&nbsp;} {} {\n} {}} $d]]
       set e [string trim $e " \n"]
       set f [string trim [string map {{&deg;} {} {&nbsp;} {} {\n} {}} $f]]
       set g [string trim $g " \n"]    

        putserv "PRIVMSG $chan :$a: $b Temperature: $c°$d Feels Like: $e°$f Wind(km/h): $g"
        return 0
        putserv "privmsg $chan :Sorry, $text Location not found"



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fahadmehar   -  Oct 26, 2016

Tcl error [weather]: Illegal characters in URL path

TheWhistler   -  Aug 11, 2012

is there anyway to convert the C to F in the weather bot

chachin   -  Feb 20, 2012

do we have to do .chanset or somethign? what do we do if it dont work?

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